Indian troops help Pakistan soldiers rebuild their bunkers!


Is the Indian Army overdoing it?

India is sending relief supplies and helping the Pakistani authorities in their own relief effort. This is precisely the right thing to do.

But why are Indian soldiers crossing the Line of Control and helping their Pakistani counterparts rebuild their bunkers? Now that’s carrying it a bit too far.

Today, a group of 10 Pak soldiers appeared on the curve, where once the Srinagar-Muzaffarabad road took a left turn towards Chakoti, and asked for help. ‘‘Then our jawans crossed over (the LoC) and helped them reconstruct their bunker,’’ Col Hemant Joneja of Army’s 15 Corps confirmed to the Indian Express. [IE]

And the Pakistani army HQ has thanked them for their effort in the following manner.

A Pakistani army spokesman told the BBC that reports of Indian troops helping Pakistani troops rebuild their bunkers were “unimaginable” and “purely fabricated”.

“None of our bunkers on the [Line of Control] were destroyed by the earthquake so there is no possibility that Indian troops have helped Pakistani troops. This is pure fabrication,” Major General Shaukat Sultan insisted.

But the Indian army is standing by its account, the Reuters news agency reports. [‘BBC’]

6 thoughts on “Indian troops help Pakistan soldiers rebuild their bunkers!”

  1. I wouldn’t have a problem if they had used the Indian public works dept to rebuild those bunkers…can you imagiine how much fun that would have been. An utter mess.
    Jokes aside, one hopes that the powers that be are also using this once in a life time opportunity to recruit informers, sabatouers, spies, etc.
    Given the criminal mishandling of the relief effort by the pakistani authorities, read army, there are bound to be hundreds of disillusioned youth…angry and yearning for payback against the punjabi’s.

  2. If it is true, isn’t it a huge ‘nosecut’ for Pakistan?

    I tend to agree though that the soldiers shouldn’t/needn’t have done it. For all we know, tomorrow those very same Pakistani soldiers will shoot them down in a border skirmish.

  3. From the front page of The Dawn

    Indian troops cross over the LOC

    SRINAGAR, Oct 12: Indian soldiers on Wednesday crossed LoC to rebuild a quake-destroyed bunker, an Indian army spokesman said. “It is unprecedented in the manner that our soldiers have gone across the border to extend help,” Lieutenant Colonel K. Seghal said in Srinagar.

    The soldiers crossed a bridge that spans the Line of Control, Col Seghal said.

    “A few soldiers from the Pakistani side shouted for help to our boys to clear the debris and in adverse weather conditions our soldiers went across to re-do their flattened bunkers so that they could sleep at night,” he said.

    “If they (the Pakistani soldiers) want our help and if we want their help it is no problem,” said an Indian army commander as helicopters from the two sides crisscrossed the usually heavily militarised LoC — something that would usually involve being shot down.

    An Indian cargo plane delivered relief supplies for earthquake victims in Pakistan on Wednesday, the first such airlift between the neighbours in decades.

    The llyushin-76 flew seven truck loads of army medicines, 15,000 blankets and 50 tents to Pakistan and returned to New Delhi.

    A senior Indian airforce official S. C. Mukul said the military had been “asked by the government to be ready to fly out another consignment.”

    Mr Mukul’s comment came a day after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said India was willing to send Pakistan whatever aid it needs.

    “We are willing to supply to Pakistan whatever is on their priority list,” Dr Singh said on Tuesday in Srinagar.—AFP


  4. Not sure how true this story is in reality, my gut feeling is that it is indeed true, but the response from Pakistan is not at all out of the ordinary. I cannot believe for a moment that our own Colonel ever thought that this story would be corroborated by the Pakistani army as a result of the very ‘nosecut’ that Jagadish has mentioned above. Nevertheless, I am also not sure why India would want to publicise this, as the army crossing across the border is technically illegal, and there are likley to be repercussions. Anyways, I guess, the nosecut positive goes beyond the illegality negatives :-s

  5. pakistan never needs the help of india pakistan should wipe india out of earth apart from the civilised indian punjabis

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