Who says the terrorists care about disaster victims?

Not the Jaish-e-Mohammed

Soon after the earthquake that killed thousands of Kashmiris and left many more homeless, soon after the Indian armed forces launched an all out rescue and relief effort, in spite of the United Jihad Council having announced a ceasefire, soon after the Moderate Mirwaiz having pricked consciences, soon after a leading Indian newspaper renewed its call for a halt to counter-terrorism operations in Jammu & Kashmir, a woman suicide-bomber belonging to the Jaish-e-Mohammed blew herself up in an attempt to disrupt traffic flow at a national highway. She failed to reach her target, and the highway remains intact.

Just as Dan said. But this was not the first time that the jihadis resorted to suicide-bombing when the security forces were out doing humanitarian relief duties — they did so earlier this year, when snowstorms killed hundreds in Kashmir.

What ceasefire? This is the time to wipe out the jihadi menace for good.

9 thoughts on “Who says the terrorists care about disaster victims?”

  1. yeah…right time to hunt and eliminate these pigs.Going a little further we can can hype up that Mush is letting thousands die and rightly get back our lost land..!!

  2. praveen, agree that we need to whack these guys hard. I’m not optimistic that they’re just going to go away though. Not with the financial and military support they receive from the General and his army. We will have won this battle when you have people from PoK rushing over the LoC into Indian Kashmir seeking opportunity.

    Instead of fighting over that (now earthquake-ravaged) piece of land, we’ve got to dream bigger. We should seek hegemony from Iran in the West to Myanmar in the East, and from the Central Asian republics to Indonesia. The US has proved that you can have an economic control without the messy political control.

  3. well said libertarian.
    indeed, if we aspire to be a great power. we should dream big….and for once, be willing to set our more loyal than the king attitude aside.
    any foreign policy move made by india should be based on one principle…what is in it for us?

  4. This is probably the best time to take out militancy.
    Part of their camps are destroyed, their support structure has been decimated and the control of the Paki state over PoK has been weakened.
    We have to up the ante and go after the terrorists when they are weak and take them out coupled with providing better and faster relief on our own side.

  5. nukh, I like the “what’s in it for us” sentiment. Someone, on some other blog, mentioned that India is becoming “frighteningly pragmatic” – a good sign I think.

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