PublicGyan in TIME magazine cover story

Now, no one predicted that

Kaps is the bearer of some good news. PublicGyan – The Public Knowledge Exchange is mentioned in Bill Saporito’s cover story in the Oct 24, 2005 issue of TIME magazine (International edition).

The power of markets, it turns out, has something to say about practically everything. We see it at work on Wall Street, which absorbs the collected wisdom of millions of investors and expresses it as stock prices. Prediction markets now let people bet on everything from sports scores to election results to the expected capture of al-Qaeda bigwig Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi. Some of the best of those online markets: the Hollywood Stock Exchange, the Iowa Electronic Markets, Yahoo’s Tech Buzz Game and PublicGyan. [TIME]

In order to tap on the wisdom of ever more people, PublicGyan members can now invite as many as 10 of their friends.

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  1. Err…
    Can some one invite me 😐
    (I was invited earlier, however I deleted the mail in one of bouts of insanity)

  2. Congratz Nitin. I’ve been wanting to check this out but not doing for lack of time. will do it,

  3. Nice going. I would like an invitation to join PublicGyan. If someone would invite me, that would be great!

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