Terrorists attack New Delhi


Terrorists have set off at least three bomb blasts in India’s capital city.

Some may argue that the bombs are a sign of weakness or desperation. Others may argue that given their timing — so close to Diwali and Id — the intention is to destabilise communal harmony. Still others may argue that it is necessary to conduct a full investigation before holding this or that terrorist group responsible. These are reasonable arguments, but beside the point. This is the time to wipe out terrorists and confront their apologists — whoever and wherever they may be.

Related Link: Robi Sen reports that there were reports of a noted al-Qaeda bomb expert having been in New Delhi in the past week.

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  4. Pre Diwali Delhi terror attack, blogged live:

    Confirmed reports of bomb blasts in India’s capital New Delhi just 3 days beofre the major hindu festival of Diwali. Police confirmed blasts in the hindu market areas of Pahargunj, Okhla, Govind Puri, Gol Market and Sarojini Nagar.

    Atleast 10 have been confirmed dead in the Pahargunj Market alone. Quoting Rediff.com:

    Ten people are feared killed and six injured in a blast which occurred in the bustling Paharganj area of New Delhi on Saturday.

    The police have not yet been able to ascertain whether the explosion was caused due to a cracker blast or it was the handiwork of anti-social elements.

    Being a Saturday, people had thronged the Paharganj market to shop for Diwali. Initial reports said the blast caused major commotion among the crowd.

    Meanwhile, the six injured people have been hospitalised.

    The fire services reported a “medium level” blast in Pahargunj where 10 innocents lost their lives.


    1) Latest field reports indicate an addition 20 confirmed dead from the various blasts in addition to the 10 at Pahargunj. An estimate puts the overall casuality figure at 75.

    2) Atleast 6 blasts confirmed, in hindu majority market areas. 75 feared dead.


    1) Police declares Red Alert through out New Delhi and the NCT regions.

    2) Gurgaon & Noida on high alert.

    3) 6 confirmed blasts in the past 45 minutes (since 17:30 Indian Standard Time)


    1) One of the blasts was in a public transport bus.

    2) Another confirmed report of a bomb being found and difused in a bank in the Chandni Chowk region of Delhi City.


    1) Atleast 3 bodies recovered from massive explosion in the Sarojini Nagar market place. Anger building among the people as the city’s festive spirit faces extremist islam’s attack.

    2) Blast’s reported in Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian Kashmir. Atleast 15 injured.

    3) Atleast 6 confirmed blasts in New Delhi’s hindu market places prior to the hindu festival of Diwali.


    1) Flames under control in the Sarojini Nagar area. Fires had sprung up after the massive blast across the market place.

    2) Sarojini Market being shut down by authorities, area being evacuated. Early reports of another bomb being discovered/difused by the police.


    1) Nearly confirmed 50 dead, 125 injured in 6 blasts in New Delhi.

    2) City Police Commissioner suspects this to be a Lashkar revenge attack on the Hindu community.


    NDTV Reports:

    A series of explosions rocked busy shopping markets in the heart of the national Capital this evening.

    Several persons are feared to have died in the serial blasts.

    The first blast took place in the main bazaar of Paharganj near the New Delhi Railway Station at around 5:30 pm (IST).

    According to eyewitnesses, scores of people have been injured in the attack.

    “I was talking to a client when the blast took place. The blast took place about 20 metres away. Right after the blast, people were running here and there,” said Sajjan Singh, shopkeeper, Paharganj.

    Security tightened

    Around half an hour later, at 6:05 pm (IST), the second explosion took place in south Delhi’s busy Sarojini Nagar market.

    A major fire has broken out and police have now closed the market. Several people have reportedly been killed in the explosion.

    Another explosion has been reported from Govindpuri in south Delhi.

    A red alert has been sounded and police have deployed additional forces across the Capital. People have been urged to remain calm and move away from crowded markets.

  5. This is a shameful act that the terrorists have committed, just like they do elsewhere in the world. Bomb the place and run away. Or have some innocent, gullible young lad take care of it. Or just die for the cause of some radical’s beliefs.

    We have got to put a stop to this political goodwill with our neighbor unless and until we have a clean chit from them about their support to terrorist organizations like LeT or whatever its latest name is.

    Today it is Delhi, tomorrow it could be other cities. Bombay has already experienced it a couple of times.

    The need of the day is elimination, nothing else.

  6. What an awful attack, and the timing does, as you’d pointed out, appear to be chosen to de-stabilize communal relations (or, and this comes to the same thing, to stabilize them into permanent opposition). The PM has said that “India will win the battle against terrorism” but this is not the time for merely pious words, or draconian laws passed by way of a knee-jerk reaction that don’t effectively combat terrorism but do infringe upon the civil liberties of the rest of us. We have seen both of these before, and they are not good enough.

  7. Its time for Indians to move into al-Q and Lashkar areas themselves. Indians’ve been sitting on the sidelines for too long waiting for things to happen. They can’t be offensive while being on defensive. Pakistanis are trying to transplant what’s happening in Iraq to India. Majoodi could not have reached India without Pakistani\Jihadi help. Pakistanis also have been trying to get rid of the argument of ‘no-Indian muslims in al-Q’ for some time now and that’s one way of doing it.

  8. Hello Nitin,

    The collective resolve to eliminate all terror and their apologists would first start when we eliminate all arguments like “this is an attempt to destabilize communal harmony”. As long as we pursue this nonsensical idea which almost always follows a terror strike in India, we would not be able to articulate a response that we need to.

    These random murders would be now a constant feature of Indian life. The only new aspect of this terror is that our kind neighbour is no longer the launchpad, it is our “ally” and the ally of the west in fighting terrorism. Even if one eats a hundred foxes and washes it down with monkey juice, we would not be able to imbibe even quarter of the cunning which the terror hub of the world ISI has.

  9. To India with “LOVE”,

    From Musharraf

    On October 29th, 2005, Musharraf sent his love to the people of India for Diwali. Don’t be surprised, the four RDX bombs, is his way of saying thanks to the people of India for the 27M dollars US they committed to the Pakistani earthquake relief. He has one more time demonstrated in spectacular fashion what he thinks of the civilized and humanitarian advances of India. He chose the high point in India’s cultural and national life to commit this dastardly and evil deed, and to rub salt into the wound, to speak the hypocritical words of concern, compassion and condemnation of the terrorist acts. But since he trains, equips, funds, protects, and grants political cover to the terrorist infrastructure, his message to them cannot be anything less than congratulatory: “well done, boys”; and, “good job”. What else should we expect from this man?

    The world has over the last 6-7 years come to know him, and many, even so, continue to be surprised by the dark and vicious responses emanating from Pakistan, and Musharraf in particular. Consider if you will his response to the Bombay bombings. He provided shelter, protection, and citizenship to Dawood and company. No matter the size of India’s protestations, the logic of its reasonings respecting international law, and its persistence in securing the repatriation of this gang – Indians – to face justice, Musharraf protects them, by pretending that he knows nothing about the whereabouts of this man and his gang of murderers. Interpol’s red corner or not, Musharraf’s single-minded quest is to convert Pakistan into an Indian-hating nation, a mostly Indo-centric terrorist force that is irreconcilably committed to its destruction and eventual domination, so much so, that he treasures the presence of every terrorist that buys into this demented cause.

    Prime Minister Vajpayee’s peace initiative – his bus trip to Lahore, quite alike Sadat’s peace initiative to the Israeli Knesset – was met with a very different response, the worst ever, war and the lives of between 500 to 600 Indian soldiers, to push him back over to his side of the LoC, whilst costing him (Sharif) only a trip to Washington to persuade President Clinton to seek the safe return of Pakistani soldiers. Another example: he was the key player, as dictator, in the Indian Airline hijack fiasco that led to the release from an Indian jail of a terrorist who has become the leader of one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organizations, quite likely the one responsible for the Delhi bombings. Musharraf’s got his prize that day, and India was able to secure the release of the passengers and the aircraft. Not even the US could persuade this dictator to do differently, and neither are they able today to persuade him to release Osama bin Laden or Zahawari, or to persuade him to stop supporting the Taleban, although he is able (surprisingly) at the same time to connive the release of billions of dollars worth of modern military machines from the Americans.

    This man and his military oligarch have many grievous surprises for the free world, and the peddling of nuclear technology to other terrorist states is not the least of them. Does anyone care to speculate as to the reason why he has more than a million jihadists in training/brianwashing in his nefarious madrassas, that don’t exist, and why he turns another blind eye to the terrorist organizations that operate in the city of his residence? True to form, he will strike again, with ever greater deadly force, always using the invisible hand of the ISI. India must act, but it cannot act alone. Since the American invasion of Iraq, the unwritten code is, never act without international consensus. So, the steep and almost impossible task before India is to convince the US, the UK (though they have also been stung in recent London bombings by graduates of Pakistani madrassas), France, Germany and in particular the UN, that Pakistan is the epicentre of global terrorism and it must face the opprobrium of the international community, no last chances given any more, before international sanctions. Pakistan must be broken to make it safe for its people and for its neighbors.

    So why are we surprised? Because it is hard to imagine the type of hatred that is behind these deeds, and hyperboles are useless in trying to explain it. Our own reference point – our consciences, civility, and desire for justice and peace – sets boundaries in our minds for the behavior of all, even to the Musharrafs and the Osamas of this world, but boundaries they do not live within nor intend to do so. In their eyes, people are expendable, garbage, even the 3 million or so that have been made homeless by the earthquake. They are infinitely less important than the 80 F-16s he has given a commitment to purchase from the Americans for more than 5 billion dollars US. This money could help hundreds of thousands of little Pakistani boys and girls realize their dreams and in 15 to 20 years make Pakistan a better place for all, whereas in 15 to 20 years, 80 F-16 would be reduced to a pile of rusted junk.

    Stay tuned: there are many more surprises in store from this dictator.

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  11. Can such terror attacks – ever be averted ?.
    What can a state do to ensure such attacks do not happen again…
    The intent of attack is that the terrorist groups feel more confident of their operations? or is it something else?.

    Rather than those who died or were injured in such attacks,the fear instilled in the heart of the common man is the greater scar left behind ….

  12. hi,
    this is the first time i am visiting your site. Yes, it does look like the boms were set off by Al-Quaeda. Worse is the fact that already Bajrang Dal activists in Delhi have started giving speeches on how it is important to take revenge on Muslims. Hope there isnt another untoward incident.

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