Musharraf must be compelled to act against the Lashkar-e-Taiba

A process pointless without peace

Praveen Swami has a very perceptive analysis of why the Lashkar-e-Taiba represents the ‘principal terrorist threat’ to India today.

Understanding the Lashkar position requires an engagement with its core position: that the jihad in Jammu and Kashmir is not a battle over territory, but a part of an irreducible conflict between Islam and unbelief. Committed to the eventual creation of a caliphate that would rule over all the world’s Muslims, the Lashkar asserts that a jihad-without-end must continue “until Islam, as a way of life, dominates the whole world and until Allah’s law is enforced everywhere in the world.” As the noted scholar of Islam Yoginder Sikand perceptively pointed out, the Lashkar’s vision of Islam is one that leads it to represent the Quran itself as a manifesto for jihad. [The Hindu]

In Swami’s view, Musharraf is unlikely to change course and dismantle the Markaz Dawa wal’Irshad (Jamaat-ud-Daawah) calculating correctly that the Bush administration and the United States have far too many things on their plate. Indeed, as the Indian Express pointed out today, India cannot allow the ‘peace process’ and Kashmir-centric initiatives to come in the way of the issue of cross-border terrorism, directed from Pakistan, against India. It makes little sense for India to engage Musharraf as a genuine partner in the peace process if all it gets are terrorist attacks and diplomatic crocodile’s tears.

Abdul Karim Tunda, the Lashkar founding father in India, has been spotted more than once at the Jamaat ud-Dawa campus at Muridke, near Lahore. If Pakistan is serious about ending the Lashkar’s war against India, it could start by handing him over for trial.[The Hindu]

Musharraf’s claims to act against jihadis if presented with evidence is not very different from Mullah Omar’s stance after the September 11 attacks. He too wanted proof that Osama bin Laden was responsible. The Bush administration did not waste time trying to satisfy the Taliban. The Indian government would do well to follow this example. It must compel Musharraf to put his money where is mouth is — and deliver on the promises he made in January 2002, after New Delhi was last attacked.

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  1. The government that repeatedly harps “The Peace Process will not be derailed by terrorism” can hardly be expected to talk tough wiht Musharraf. Every single time a terrorist attack happens, the papers make headlines of MMS saying “Pakistan must stop terror”.
    Our Govt doesnt think it can or should differentiate between doing good to the people and getting rid of the terrorists.
    As with Musharraf’s promises on ending terror, our talk of “no tolerance of terror” is just that. And Musharraf knows it.

  2. Finally we are hearing from Indian analysts (they can be counted on ones fingers) about the existential threat posed by LeT to India. While most serious western terrorism analysts know LeT is joined at the hip with al-Qaeda and that it fosters the same caliphate theory, ie imposing Taliban style Islamic governance on all people under their control, they, by and large, ignore the continued support of Pak establishment to LeT. I guess one has to be blind and deaf not to see how it is any different from aiding and abetting al-Qaeda.

  3. Prasanna, Chandra Dulam, I can completely relate to your fury and your frustration. But throwing our hands up and blaming our polity is no solution – it’s a cop-out. It relieves you and I of the need to do something. Question is, what can we do about it.

    We’re all smart people – let’s put on our thinking caps: first frame the problem and then formulate the solution. The first task would be to build consensus that the Pak establishment _is_ the problem. Once that is achieved, how do we dismantle – or at least weaken – the current establishment. We can make great headway on the first by keeping emotive issues (such as the Delhi blasts) alive, and by linking it to the Pak establishment, through the media. I have ideas on how to dismantle the Pak establishment but that’s another story.

  4. before dismentling Pak establishment …focus on your on FM who is currently dismentling indian good image. You have seen the strenght of people of pakistan in recent Earthquke …every single human being is contributing…now compare it to your earthquake in 2002… hahahaha

    Now one can weak us in the event of hardtime… go and morn more scandels are waiting… in previous govt. your defense minister did the same now natwar has done it to make INDIA a developed country …AIDS striken indians.

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