Good riddance

And bravo Mr Prime Minister

That Dr Manmohan Singh took a few days to sack the shamefully unapologetic foreign minister does not matter as much as the fact that he finally did it.

As for Natwar Singh, he would do well to uncover the pleasures of retirement. Or perhaps get into the oil trading business.

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5 thoughts on “Good riddance”

  1. I am glad they got rid of that “Monkey Faced” bum of a Foreign Minister
    I absolutely hated him and his ossified thinking. He was such and embarrassment.

    It was like a Monkey in a China Shop.

    He was a relic of the Nehru-Gandhi Raj trying to impose outlandish
    views on our “NEW INDIA’s Foreign Policy”

    The new India which is emerging is avowedly Capitalistic
    Rightist and Republican.

    To hell with these “Bunder Log” who comprise the congress and the left.

  2. Well, Nutwar might be down, but he’s not out – he’s a minister without charge. I still cannot believe how anyone who has the least bit of patriotism or love towards India could allow that man to be MEA for so long. Or maybe, I am not yet that cynical of politicians.

    Anyway, expect him to be back as soon as possible. And muddle along in the MEA – after saying in the interviews that he’s “neither a hawk or a dove – its not a bird game”, and that he’d set right the blunders made by NDA. I suppose he counted the blunders he was going to make as “undoing” the blunders of the NDA.

  3. Good Riddance to bad rubbish, but I am more curious about who his replacement will be. The Good Dr. is currently handling the Foreign Ministry, but will that be a permanent change? Have not been able to find any info on that. A kind request to The Acorn, from a lazy blogger – who are likely candidates?

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