Good riddance? But he’s still there!

Natwar Singh can make telephone calls and fly business class at taxpayer’s expense

Much has been made in the press of Natwar Singh’s willingness to sell India’s national interests downriver to retain his position as foreign minister. Have they, and this includes the Indian Express, missed the point? Natwar Singh is in the dock for having done exactly that.

But for a person who was willing to play around profound issues of national interest, Natwar Singh remains well compensated. The UPA government thinks that it is good use of taxpayer money allow him all this:

So, is Natwar Singh entitled to a minister’s perks and facilities?

Very much. Natwar Singh continues to be one of the 25 Cabinet ministers in the Manmohan Singh government. The minister is entitled to a furnished, official bungalow (in Natwar Singh’s case, 19, Teen Murti Lane, New Delhi); he can make unlimited telephone calls; he has an official car; he can employ private assistants on government pay; he can fly business class, for free, across the country. And, he gets his monthly salary of Rs 38,000 per month. [Rediff]

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