Ask in the name of charity

…what you couldn’t win in war

Gen Musharraf, making the keynote speech at the Donors’ Conference here, pointed out the Indian delegation’s presence at the conference and said: “Let the resolution of the lingering issue of Kashmir be India’s donation to mitigate the sufferings of the Kashmiris.” [DT]

Now, that’s a new one. Seems right out some Indian epic. Or Bollywood.

9 thoughts on “Ask in the name of charity”

  1. The Pakistani records are stuck in time, there’s no use trying to play a new song. Some one should also tell him to have Pakistani establishment make some contribution to ‘mitigate’ the suffering of Kashmiris, may be start off by giving independence to Pakistani occupied Kashmir, which they tauntingly call ‘Azad’ (or Free) Kashmir.

    The peace cocktail which India is having with Pakistani general will give it nothing but a bad hangover the next day they open their eyes, not unlike Kargil intrusion, but this time Indians will be footing the bill through quake relief.

  2. Let’s keep joking while Mushy gets all the free toyz from Uncle:

    Last month, Pakistan took early delivery of the first of eight ex-US Navy P-3C Orion aircraft as part of a Pakistan-US military assistance package. his is a big upgrade in Pakistan’s maritime patrol and command-and-control capabilities as the Pakistan Navy has until recently been flying three far less capable Atlantique maritime patrol aircraft and five Fokker F-27-200/400 aircraft.

    The P-3C aircraft for Pakistan will be paid for, in part, through US military assistance as part of the global war on terror, and the total cost for the eight airplanes plus upgrades is estimated to be $970 million.
    The eight P-3Cs are part of a total buy worth $1.3 billion. Other weapons included in the entire package are 2,000 TOW-2A missiles, fourteen TOW-2A Fly-to-Buy missiles, 60 Harpoon Missiles, six PHALANX rapid-fire 20-millimeter guns, and the upgrade of six additional gun systems.

    Who knows after more bitching on ‘donating’ Kashmir, Uncle might ask India to give that too.

  3. Definitely India should donate solution of Kashmir to Pakistan. Except, donation should be on our terms and conditions – get the hell out of Kashmir for forever. Beggers cannot be choosers.

  4. Mush is one clueless moron. Also loves the sound of his own voice. His megaphone diplomacy has cost him his credibility. I don’t think anyone with any clout takes his K-statements seriously – they were probably for local consumption anyway.

  5. Friends
    don’t think in a stereotyped manner..
    Kashmir involves of terrorism,integrity,humanity & patreotism..
    we can feel these by seeing some masterpieces like DIL SE, Kannathil Muttmithal,Dansh etc..the real life & kind of paradox & confusion in which people Lives are much more then any movie can capture..
    they all are too intengled to talk & any solution will seem a kind of crap if seen through narrow angles.

    But we have to be optimistic and resolve this issue..
    no matter how much we try we cant ignore is of artificial creation and 50 or more years in comparison to our long history is nothing..
    either we will fight or we will be in love..pakistani people are much same to us then different..

    Kashmiris are our own brothers and there problems we cant ignore..
    If pakistani militry ruler is serious about resolving kashmir, as it seems we must be serious enough for our own peace..
    Also we must ask mussharaf to bring AKSAI CHINA Occupied by china-given by pak)to the table to show up credibility that intention is kashmiri good & not otherwise..

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