Sunday Levity: Playing the pornograph

Or why British Airways finds The Acorn offensive

This blog is not accessible from the British Airways’ lounge at London’s Heathrow airport, reports Prashant Kothari. The airline, apparently, has blocked access because this blog ‘may be considered illegal or offensive’, on account of pornography.

Regular readers are missing something that the eagle-eyed folks at British Airways have managed to pick up.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: Playing the pornograph”

  1. Nitin,

    This blog is inaccessible from my office (very reputed org I may add) for much the same reason.

    Anytime I try to access the site I am ‘reported’ to the mgmt for my indescretion!

    Some IT whiz …figure this out please.

  2. Anil,

    Your IT department is welcome to contact me for any clarification. It’s not a must, but it will help if they point out which part of this blog is pornographic in nature. 🙂

  3. Roshan,

    That is right.

    India- Uncut,Gaurav Sabnis and few other blogs are considered by FortiGuard by to be pornographic.

    My guess was that Amit Verma, Gaurav Sabnis and other assorted fellows must have been centrefold in playgirl/playboy ;-).


    It’s ok if you have dirty stuff on your site, could you just provide links for that 😉


  4. Yup, it’s that web-filtering software at work, alright. My office uses WebSense, which blocks as “Entertainment” and the IIM sites as “Cultural Institution”. They even block blogs sometimes.

    As a workaround: USE BLOGLINES! (or any other online aggregator, of course..)

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