Pakistan hushes up another rape

Kashmiri earthquake victim forced to retract her charge

Pakistan’s Supreme Court took suo motu action in the case of Ajeeba Jabeen, a young Kashmiri earthquake victim who was allegedly raped by a doctor at a Lahore hospital where she was taken for treatment. The case was dismissed after she retracted her allegations, but not before reports of yet another cover-up in the name of protecting Pakistan’s ‘image’. While Gen Musharraf’s government may not be responsible for covering this one up, other lesser powers may just be emulating his example.

The woman’s retraction might have forced the Court to dismiss the case, there being no further grounds to pursue the matter from that angle, but it would be in the fitness of things if the SC ordered an inquiry into allegations that Ms Jabeen might have retracted her earlier statement under pressure. At the least, given the nature of what has happened, and because there is no obvious motive for the girl to have cried rape in the first place, we need to find the truth about this shady business. [DT]

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  1. Mush and his henchmen are media whores. Too busy worrying about what the *rest* of the world thinks about them – sign of a massive inferiority complex. Pakistan doesn’t have an image problem – Pakistan just has a problem – and the problem is the administration.

  2. gaurav, no-one claimed that rapes or police apathy don’t happen in India. But I don’t see Manmohan Singh or President Kalam putting Kamlabai on any “exit control list” because she may spoil India’s good name “abroad”. In Kamlabai’s case, the coercion to retract her rape charges came from the perpetrators of the crime. There was a failure of the system to prosecute the guilty. In Mukhtar Mai’s and Dr Shazia’s cases you had the President-General-CEO of the country actively engaged in the cover up. This difference is not semantic.

  3. Libertarian,

    Ofcourse it is not semantic, but the idea that state machinary will be used a tool of oppression rathern than that of justice should count as failure of every Indian

    I do not want India to be compared to Pakistan at all.

  4. gaurav, are you aware of the hudood ordinance?
    if not, do google. and be prepared to be nauseated.

  5. Nukh,

    Yes I have a idea of what is hudood ordinance.

    As I said before, if India has to progress than it should grow out of it’s hyphenated relation with Pakistan.

    Just because it is worse in Pakistan is not a reason for us to be complacent.


  6. gaurav not to nit-pick, but I did not see the police in Kamlabai’s case actively abet the criminals. But I certainly agree with you that standards are way too low in India and there’s much room for improvement. I will say though, that I believe we moving in the right direction on that inexorable journey of increasingly higher standards.

    nukh just read a little on Hudood and Zina. Sounds like a manual for medieval torture. It would be funny (example – the 4 pious dudes start the stoning, after which the condemned can be shot, following which stoning can stop – unless the stoners are truly stoned) if it weren’t so serious.

  7. gaurav, with due respect – it was you who drew attention to india’s failing’s in women’s rights, even thought the post was about the paksitani states complicity in covering up rape.
    btw, if some day the indian parliament passes a law, which is remotely akin to the hudood monstrosity. i will be the first person to denounce india – very, very, very strongly.

  8. Gaurav. Drop the indian supremacy bit and get off your soap box. This is not an Indo-Pak issue, nor is it a Prithvi-Ghauri issue, it is the issue of a young innocent female who was raped, non consensual intercourse…Do you understand the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It is about the suffering of another human being. I am not bothered about your politics, I am bothered about human suffering. Learn a bit of compassion and maybe you may become a better person. Shame on you gaurav.

  9. Nukh,

    yes i did that, because i think that this site is about indian perspective, so i think it is only fair that we (indians) put our own house in order. I would not have done, what i did at some other site.


    i am quite shameless and incapable of blushing.


  10. Gaurav.

    Needless to say, you have proved my point. God forbid if any thing similar to this event happens in your family. I wonder which soap box you will be standing on then.
    Gaurav you really need to grow up and learn some compassion. In the 21st century people are supposed to be more progressive and more well informed. I dont think you are represntative of all things good in India. Infact I think most indians would be ashamed of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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