Not three cities, the whole of India.

Funny, if it were not so outrageous

Jagadish points to Gen Musharraf’s latest TV interview. In this, he throws a self-admitted bombshell, ‘let’s demilitarise three Kashmiri towns’, he says, ‘Srinagar, Kupwara and Baramulla’, and he would ‘ensure that there is no militancy in those cities.’ And if bullets are fired, he would ‘cooperate to ensure that the groups or individuals were brought to task’.

This is perhaps the biggest climbdown of his life. The last we recall, he had promised to ensure that there is no terrorism (on Pakistan’s account) anywhere in India.

Three cities indeed! The chaps at the foreign ministry did well to remind him of his commitment. That’s the necessary first step. But ensuring that he delivers requires a lot more than televised diplomatic volleys. And yes Manu, you are right. It is explicit that he controls the terrorists. Only, it’s not just an admission. It’s a signal.

Update: Transcripts [Part1, Part2] of the interview are now available. He uses circular logic to defend the Lashka-e-Taiba/Jamaat-ud-Daawah, suggests that newspaper editorials are immature and not representative of public opinion, that Ayaz Amir is unbalanced and throws about those wierd percentage estimates. As usual he wants the Indian people to believe him, because he says so sincerely.

Another Update: There is more. Transcripts [Part 3, Part 4]. Karan Thapar is good.

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  1. Nitin – I am thoroughly pissed off at the Indian media. The headlines read “India rejects Musharraf’s proposal”. They should have read

    “Musharraf admits control over terrorists”

    I would be quite fine with this too.

    “Musharraf SIGNALS control over terrorists”

  2. Mush’s rhetoric is rarely matched by any action. To actually move this forward we need milestones. A neutral third party can be very handy at this point to mediate. No one will take Mush seriously unless he is more specific than that.

  3. It’s a sham. Mushy wins either ways, if we do demilitarise.

    If there is no terrorist action, Musharraf will be seen as taking a positive step towards ending terrorism by coersive (sp?) action. No proof that he was a control factor, but the fact that violence ebbed on demilitarisation will be seen by the world to be proof that India’s military was the problem in the first place.

    If there is terrorist action, Mushy will say he never controlled the “home grown” terrorists in the first place.

    Good we rejected it.

    – Deepak

  4. >>that Ayaz Amir is unbalanced and throws about those wierd percentage estimates. As usual he wants the Indian people to believe him, because he says so sincerely.

    That’s because we have home-grown Jihadi apologists who’re ready to believe him. Lots of things are simple which is why we tend to overlook them 🙂

  5. This one *VERY* important quote was overlooked:

    Gen.Musharraf said in response to a question, “…We are not talking about giving independence to Kashmir. That is not acceptable to either India or Pakistan….”. I refer your readers to the transcript of the interview available at .

    This seemingly trivial statement from the President goes contrary to Pakistan’s stated position about its support for the “Freedom Struggle” ongoing in “Held” Kashmir. It betrays the fact that the “Freedom Struggle” is only a facade for Kashmir to break away from the Indian Federation and become part of the Pakistani Federation.

    It is time Pakistan stopped playing the “Freedom” card vis-a-vis Kashmir.

  6. Nitin, Karan Thapar is not good, he’s brilliant. Rivetting. This was a matchup between a genius (who’s done his homework) and a monkey. Mush is dumber than previously imagined. He cannot be taken seriously. And contrary to what he says, he _does_ lead a Banana Republic Army.

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