2 thoughts on “Three thoughts for the Republic”

  1. If 26th Jan 1950 is the day when we adopted our constitution, then by the incident of Buta Singh taking salute at republic day parade in Patna, have we gone too far?
    By the way does any government or otherwise listens to what Hounourable President has to say in his Republic day speech regarding politicians needed to become the role model for the present day youth. Is the development of this 57 year old republic has become refuge to corrupt politcans of this day? Shud one take the path shown by “Rang de basanti”? 🙂
    The road to the development of this country goes through “personal exellence” of its each and every teeming billions. Will that be more fruitful a pledge, when a common man finds himself frustrated at his futile attempts of thinking to change the system and sometimes trying to.

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