Rewarding success, punishing failure

Irony of incentive

Atanu Dey points to B Raman’s open letter to President Bush highlighting one more instance of Gen Musharraf’s duplicity. Failed murderers have been punished with death. Successful ones enjoy state hospitality.

9. Mr. President, you remember the two attempts to kill your buddy in December 2003, at Rawalpindi? Well, the guilty in those incidents have already been got tried by Musharraf, their appeals against their conviction got disposed of and those sentenced to death sent to the gallows. For your buddy, the law did not pose any difficulty in sending them to death for trying to kill him.

10. The same law, according to your buddy, has been standing in the way of the killers of Daniel Pearl being sent to the gallows. Do you know how many times the hearing in the appeal against the conviction filed by Omar Sheikh has been got adjourned by the appellate court? Forty-one times—under some flimsy pretext or the other.

11. It was adjourned for the forty-first time right on the eve of your visit to Pakistan. On February 27, 2006, the Sindh High Court adjourned the hearing once again on the ground that Omar Sheikh has sacked his defence lawyer and that the killer must be given time to find and engage another lawyer. [SAAG]

4 thoughts on “Rewarding success, punishing failure”

  1. Nitin,

    Why in heavens should Americans fight India’s war, when Indians are stuck on Shero Shayari and Bhai Bhai stuff.


  2. Dear Nitin,
    Glad you are highlighting the ” foot dragging” going on in the Pakistani legal process on the LSEwallah Omar / Danny Pearl case.
    Some six plus months ago, there were reports in the Pakistani press about the LSE Omar indoctrinating his jail keepers and winning them over to the jihadi cause.
    I do not know if the Raman/SAAG report traces the whereabouts/current disposition of a Mushtaq Ahmed,junior official of the Pakistani Air Force, who was implicated in one of the two Musharraf assasination attempts. This fellow ” escaped” from the prison in Dec 2004 after being sentenced to death. May be he was ” recaptured” in central Punjab sometime in 4m-2005 in the weeks before Al Libbi was nailed.
    Do you , Cynical Nerd or BombatBengluru or Eric have any update on this Mushtaq.There is some revolving door process involved with this Mushtaq Ahmed !


  3. Nitin: we desperately need to start thinking of ourselves in a different league. We’re not small-timers any more. Pleading with the US about miscarriages of “justice” in our neighborhood doesn’t do our bigger ambitions any good. At some point we will get down to solving these as well – and we should be the ones solving them. Which big power complains about its pesky neighbors?

    After being equated with Pak for so long, there’s also a natural tendency to jump on their proverbial grave, now that we’ve begun to pull away for good. In highlighting their every weakness, we demonstrate our insecurity. That is also dissonant with our larger ambitions. We’ve got bigger fish to fry (with apologies to the vegetarians out there!). And the ride’s going to be great!

  4. Folks,
    Mushtaq Mian has resurfaced. He is doing the merry-go round through the Pakistani courts.Details of his escape and re-arrest have been covered in the BBC piece.When do you think the jihadi clique at the ISI will plan the next Great Escape ? Here is an excerpt and the link:

    Pakistan’s Supreme Court has stayed the execution of a man convicted of plotting to kill President Pervez Musharraf, the man’s lawyer says.
    The move came after Mushtaq Ahmed’s appeal for a judicial review was denied by the High Court. The chief justice will hear a fresh appeal on Wednesday.

    Ahmed was convicted along with five others of plotting to kill the president on 14 December 2003.




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