Empowered the electronic media? Ask Pakistani bloggers…

…if you can reach them.
It can’t get worse than this. On the day Pakistanis were raising online banners protesting the Pakistani authorities hamfisted move to block access to blogspot Gen Musharraf was saying this:

Then we have empowered also — we have liberated the media and the press. If you see this press today sitting around here, and the media, previously there was only one Pakistan television. Today there are dozens of channels. All these people sitting around are the result of my democratization of Pakistan, opening the Pakistan society of the media — the print media and the electronic media, both. And they’re totally liberated. [White House]

It is a fair argument that authorities have a legitimate right to ban access to those sites that violate the law of the land. But the brazen, indiscriminate and mindless manner in which Pakistan did it only proves Musharraf’s lie.

11 thoughts on “Empowered the electronic media? Ask Pakistani bloggers…”

  1. Typical of Musharrathuggian Doublespeak. Put the visegrip on yourself, then go and pretend to criticize the people you charge to implement the order. Best of luck to the Pakistani bloggers.

  2. It is NOT a fair argument that authorities have a legitimate right to ban access to those sites that violate the law of the land! Such a law is highly questionable in the first place!

  3. Naveen,

    Such a law may be questionable, but nevertheless where it exists, authorities have a legitimate right (duty actually) to enforce it. Those who find the law itself objectionable can use legal means to question, oppose and change it. I must qualify that this applies to constitutional democracies which is perhaps the context of your comment. In Pakistan’s case though, all bets are off.

  4. It’s quite possible that the Pak authorities don’t have the required technical expertise. Remember their wonderful idea of a single link to the rest of the world that went down?

  5. Talking of blocking..did you know that your website acorn.nationalinterest.in is blocked in Saudi Arabia?

  6. Damn! Nitin’s site gets banned in Saudi Arabia. I hope my blog is also banned. Othewise I would be bloody jealous. 🙂

  7. Anand,

    The list seems to be growing. I wonder why, though. I’ve been supportive of the India-Saudi relationship as well as the king’s visit to New Delhi for R-Day.

  8. Initially I thought it was because there is ‘opinion’ in the url..but turns out that is not the case.

  9. Nitin,

    I am begining to suspect that this site has smut somewhere hidden.
    I am still searching for it 😉

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