The world is not too small for the brave

Where the world has not been broken into fragments by narrow domestic walls

VP Rubiya in Uniform - BBC PhotoVP Rubiya strikes a mudra - BBC Photo

Her father is right. “The parish doors might never open for us, but the world is not too small for the brave”.

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  1. From the link:

    “God is one. When I pay ritualistic obeisance through mudras [hand signs], I am imploring not just the Hindu gods but the supreme creator, which we call by different names,” she says.


  2. This is odd in a land where Yesudas has sung _so many_ Iyappan songs and was, iirc, allowed to Guruvayoor [or Sabarimalai]. More power to those like her!

  3. I can only hope more people everywhere are like her family. Hope all goes well for them, inshallah.

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