Not all flags have (sovereign) nations

The colourful flags of Pakistani nations

Wikipedia is an excellent place to find interesting things. It has a section on flags of ‘non-sovereign nations’. Most of them appear to have employed overly creative designers.

Balawaristan : Wikipedia ImageHunza Flag - Wikipedia ImageBalochistan Flag - Wikipedia Image
Pakhtunistan Flag - Wikipedia ImageWaziristan Flag - Wikipedia Image

L-R, Row 1: Balawaristan (Gilgit & Baltistan), Hunza (both part of the erstwhile princely state of Jammu & Kashmir) and Balochistan
Row 2: Pakhtunistan and Waziristan
Source: Wikipedia

8 thoughts on “Not all flags have (sovereign) nations”

  1. Looks like i made the above comment little too early. Actually this post is about suppressed nations flags. Right? I think the Paki terrorists all have their websites but arent savvy enough to have a wiki entry on their “independent” or part of Paki national flag of JK.

  2. All US states have their flags, e.g. Texas is known as the lone-star state and that is what it has on its flag.

    The gem in the wikipedia page is “Lazistan”. Now that’s where I want to be.

  3. Manu: the citizen-of-the-state-of-<state> and NOT citizen-of-the-united-states-of-america is a time-tested tactic for avoiding federal tax. It’s also a fairly sure way of getting you in (federal) jail. Here’s a libertarian (and mind-bending) view of federal taxes, US driver’s licenses and more. Caution: Do NOT try this at home.

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