Not all flags have (sovereign) nations

The colourful flags of Pakistani nations

Wikipedia is an excellent place to find interesting things. It has a section on flags of ‘non-sovereign nations’. Most of them appear to have employed overly creative designers.

Balawaristan : Wikipedia ImageHunza Flag - Wikipedia ImageBalochistan Flag - Wikipedia Image
Pakhtunistan Flag - Wikipedia ImageWaziristan Flag - Wikipedia Image

L-R, Row 1: Balawaristan (Gilgit & Baltistan), Hunza (both part of the erstwhile princely state of Jammu & Kashmir) and Balochistan
Row 2: Pakhtunistan and Waziristan
Source: Wikipedia

8 thoughts on “Not all flags have (sovereign) nations”

  1. Looks like i made the above comment little too early. Actually this post is about suppressed nations flags. Right? I think the Paki terrorists all have their websites but arent savvy enough to have a wiki entry on their “independent” or part of Paki national flag of JK.

  2. RS,

    Many Indian states have their own flags, just like they have state emblems etc.

  3. All US states have their flags, e.g. Texas is known as the lone-star state and that is what it has on its flag.

    The gem in the wikipedia page is “Lazistan”. Now that’s where I want to be.

  4. Manu: the citizen-of-the-state-of-<state> and NOT citizen-of-the-united-states-of-america is a time-tested tactic for avoiding federal tax. It’s also a fairly sure way of getting you in (federal) jail. Here’s a libertarian (and mind-bending) view of federal taxes, US driver’s licenses and more. Caution: Do NOT try this at home.

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