Who else ji?

What India can do to address terrorism, it must do.

Uttar Pradesh state police have cracked the case. The Varanasi bombings were instigated and executed by the Bangladesh-based Harkat-ul-Jihad al Islami (HuJI-B) with local support. While that should not come as a surprise to anyone following the news, it should make it more difficult for the Khaleda Zia government to dismiss, evade or deflect criticism. The cat that is attached to this paw, however, is in Pakistan. The outsourcing of terror to Bangladesh allows the cat to disclaim responsibility by pointing to the paw. This too should not come as a surprise.

The real wake-up call in the affair is this part:

It has also come to light that the historical seminary at Deoband in Saharanpur which had played a positive role in India’s freedom struggle is now a recruiting ground for international terrorism. Those who executed the blasts apparently studied there.

However, Waliullah maintained that using the Deoband connection was strictly unofficial…

Walliullah confessed to have come in contact with the HuJI in 2002. It was during his tenure in Deoband when he was first inspired by jehad after hearing the tapes of Masood Azhar.

Earlier, he had been arrested in 2001 along with his brothers for his reported involvement in Jaish-e- Mohammad activities and had been lodged in jail for eight months.[The Tribune]

The Indian government may find it hard to get Musharraf to dismantle jihadi camps in Pakistan, or to get Khaleda Zia to prevent Bangladesh from becoming a jihadi entrepot. But surely, it should be able to ensure that the institution in Deoband removes audiotapes of Masood Azhar from its extra-curriculum.

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6 thoughts on “Who else ji?”

  1. I remember thinking after the kandahar hijacking episode, that releasing masood azhar was probably the worst solution we could have come up with. i had no idea that it was going to be worse than i imagined.

  2. Nitin!
    all this needs just conviction..one strong move then the cat, cat’s paw and neck can be broken..
    but most importantly these deoband’s active participations hsud be curbed with an iron hand..but with our ‘seculars’ and their vote banks ideologies will this ever happen? hmm..

  3. Nitin, your point is well made, and the point about the necessity to rise above party politics, though obvious, is also received. But I find it strange that you choose to link a blatantly biased view of jehadi terrorism in India (of course, it’s all because Hindu fanatics conducted pogroms, otherwise our Muslim boys are all good boys). In fact, the article itself reeks of communalism (what does anyone expect from the Frontline?). I would have liked to know what Swami would have had to say had his own kin been killed in Varanasi. What a bloody hypocrite masquerading as a practical thinker!

  4. Nitin,

    Quite agree with you.

    My concern is that even if Deoband doesn’t teach any extremist view, how far is it prudent to impart exclusively religious education to any one.

    And the frontline article seemed more to be an exercise in moral equivalency.

    From article
    “…In reality, the origins and course of the long jehad has not a little to do with the BJP’s own practice of politics. In 1985, incensed by successive communal pogroms, Andhra Pradesh resident Azam Ghauri and Uttar Pradesh’s Abdul Karim `Tunda’ set up a vigilante organisation that provided the Lashkar with an operational apparatus outside of Jammu and Kashmir …. ”

    BJP in 1985, it had barely two seats.
    Aydhodhya Movement didn’t gain momentum till 1986-1987.
    I don’t realize there were any communal program against Muslims in 1985
    (In 1983 ,there were Anti-Muslim riots in Assam though )


  5. Guys whatever FACTS these pseudo secualr people present should never be questioned. And don’t even ask why there were Anti Muslim riots in Assam. And hey don’t you ever speak about Godhara, the Ram sevak’s were asking for it. Sorry, correction they burnt themselves.

  6. The global outsourcing industry till now drew a blank for Pakistan, but by successfully outsourcing terror to B’desh, they will continue to be the FATWAT.

    My concern is about a particular pattern we have seen in many recent riots. Mau, Aligarh (just a few days back) – each place where the muslim community becomes a little more than the minority, they riot against festivals, celebration of Hindu festivals et al.

    Much more than terrorism is the worry about the rise of Islamic fanatics where follwers of the so called religion of peace (SCROP) hack others to death.

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