Terrorists attack Delhi again

Another provocative attack

No one should be in doubt what this is really about. Setting off bombs in the Jama Masjid just after Friday prayers on Good Friday is yet another attempt ignite communal violence in India. Targeting one of India’s most important mosques soon after attacking one of India’s most important temples can have only one objective. The terrorists have calculated that all they need to do is to strike the match and leave Indians to burn each other up.

The motives behind recent bombings are the same. As are their perpetrators.

Not only is it necessary to prove that they’ve got their sums wrong. It is also necessary to expose them and wipe them out.

3 thoughts on “Terrorists attack Delhi again”

  1. More importantly, the government should stop bleating Pakistan’s line about how it is a victim of terrorism as well. Manmohan’s stand at the press conf with Hamid Karzai was shocking, especially considering India _and_ Afghanistan are affected by Pakistan’s [support for] terrorism.

  2. The destruction of terrorism in the sub-continent requires Manhomman Singh Govt to adopt a firm stance on cross-border terrorism. What the Govt. doesn’t realise is that by the aforementioned bleating(mentioned by Jagdish) and other similar “pacifist” acts, it is:

    1. giving a signal to the Islamic Banana Republic of Pakistan and its generals that they can get away with more and more. As the previous post(Demonstrating commitment at Siachen) stated and I agree, I don’t see how providing them with indications that there is a lack of complete commitment, on our part to defend Indian territory and defeat attempts to destabilise India, is a good idea. Further it gives rise to the hyperbole about democratic weakness and what not.

    2. giving ammunition to the opposition, and I mean the BJP not the Left, the so called active opposition. Security is BJP’s pet topic and with every bomb blast it will galvanise the flagging party to attack the Govt arguing that it is in fact the Govt’s pussyfooting that is emboldening the enemy. This argument is bound to find favour in increasing numbers because of in spite of denials and posturing on the international stage, everyone realises what the IBRP is upto. Surely the Govt doesn’t want that.

    Every right thinking person wants peace. But at what cost? And doesn’t the whole “peace process” become a contradiction in terms if you time and again allow your enemy to attack you, while talking peace at the same time. Terrorism is non-negotiable. You can’t discuss peace while running terrorist camps. A good example can be gleaned from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I don’t agree with every Israeli action, but they have demonstrated very well that you have to take a hardline stance when it comes to terrorism.

  3. Does anyone else have an issue with this word: “pussyfooting”? I have seen it twice on this blog in the past few days. I think it is silly word (and, yes, very funny) and is probably better left to the silly British (as one of those English words only they would use). Nothing against the British themselves; just a thought! 🙂

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