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Not this kite

It was surprising to hear the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia announce that “King Abdullah had set in motion the efforts to mediate between India and Pakistan”.

It is believed here that the Saudi initiative also has the backing of the United States. In fact, Washington welcomed the decision of the Saudi monarch to visit India after a lapse of five decades. While the Saudi delegation in New Delhi late January this year definitely tried to assure them of regular crude supplies and to take care of their growing energy needs, the Saudi also prodded them towards peace with Islamabad. Diplomatic circles feel this development took place in the full knowledge, and ‘perhaps the blessings’ of Washington. Some say Washington may have nudged King Abdullah to take the initiative and use the ‘crude forcer’ to obtain the objective. [Dawn]

The Indian external affairs spokesman lost no time in politely saying “no, thank you”. So did M K Narayanan, the National Security Advisor. However, it was quite unnecessary for him to state that a lot of people are trying to help out and India is prepare to “listen to anyone”. Signaling is most effective when it is unambiguous.

5 thoughts on “Thanks, we’ll manage”

  1. How come he does not first bother to clean up his own hell hole !! Dosent Saudi Arabia have enough problems to deal with that they want to get involved in other countries affairs.

    Or do you think that this is another ploy by the Dictator (a.k.a Mushie) to internationalize the issue

  2. Can we please focus on green and nuclear energy so that we don’t have to be ambiguous with these ignorami from The Peninsula. It disgusts me to have to listen to Abdoola’s paternalistic patronizing message – reminds me of rich kids flaunting their daddies’ money.

  3. ask those bloody desert barbarians to wipe their own asses in the own hot sand. but in diplomatese ofcourse 🙂

  4. We welcome their intention to mediate. We require mediators to fulfil the following conditions:

    1. Shun wahabbism. Stop funding hate.
    2. Stop funding and start capturing, extraditing and executing terrorists.
    3. Respect and honour human rights – which includes equitable law, and treatment for citizens, and foreigners.
    4. We require them to be suitably disposed to us. How about a 100 year lease on an airbase and a large oil-well?

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