Sunday Levity: The fox and the henhouse

Counterterrorism at sea

According the the US Navy, “the multinational Combined Task Force One Five Zero (CTF-150) was established to monitor, inspect, board, and stop suspect shipping to pursue the war on terrorism and includes operations currently taking place in the North Arabia Sea to support Operation Iraqi Freedom.” (emphasis added)

From tomorrow, command of the CTF-150 will pass to the Pakistan Navy. Bully for counterterrorism!

While the Pakistani newspapers have breathlessly announced that a Pakistan Navy rear-admiral will be the first ‘non-NATO’ commander they have conveniently left out that bit about it being in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Update: Over at the Washington Post blog, William Arkin writes:

Pirates! Just what Pakistan Needs: Is the new special operations maritime focus on the lawless water off Somalia just what the doctor ordered?

It seems that everyone wants a piece of some ungoverned space but nobody wants to take on the real problem of Pakistan and its unwillingness or inability to control its own territory. [WP]

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  1. The task force may as well take a break for a while. Surprising that the Pakistanis actually have good enough sea legs to lead a whole naval task force?

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