Finding hope in Bombay

The writing on the wall

Last night on TV there was the geriatric Arjun Singh reading off a tele-prompter during a meeting with New Delhi’s irate medical students.

This morning it was nice to see some walls have this written on them:

…what advances a nation or a community is not so much to prop up its weakest and most helpless members, but to lift up the best and the most gifted, so as to make them of the greatest service to the country.” — Jamsetji Tata

Jamsetji died in 1904. A long time ago. If only someone could get it onto Arjun Singh’s tele-prompter.

11 thoughts on “Finding hope in Bombay”

  1. So you are really in Mumbai.

    Beware of cartel.Humare aadmi bombay ke chappe chappe mein failein hue hain


  2. Humare aadmi sub saale daru baaz nikamme hain. Kisi bar mein pade huey hain. Unko koi reservation dila do!

  3. Ashish,

    It is way too absurd.

    I mean what exactly are they thinking, that West bengal will break away from India !


  4. Nitin,

    On topic.

    While I do not think that UPA (or for that matter NDA)has any strong moral objection to pandering for vote banks, I believe that in this case Arjun Singh may not bite the bullet.


  5. Nitin: was in Bombay/Mumbai 2 weeks ago (Delhi too – 1 week ago) – the place just rocks! Every year (the little I see of) India seems to have had a *major* face-lift.
    Gaurav: (on-topic) hope you’re right. What troubles me is that we’re going really backwards on the caste/religious front, but probably leaders in the *world* on the gender front (regarding reservations). Same idea – hugely different results.

  6. On Topic:
    Now that the whole issue seems to be back to the Cabinet(with ministers on opposite sides of the debate), there’s a chance it might just get shelved.

    Off Topic:
    Thanks for the link Ashish
    IMNSHO, Abid Bahar should

    1. Learn how to spell(before he gets deported)
    2. Join Comedy Central

    P.S. – I have not laughed this much since Bush called himself a “decider”.

  7. the tragedy is that the N&G family have always played around with eduaction of the not so privelaged castes! first they did notwant to educate themm so that the benovelence factor
    would continue to put the family ahead of everyone even if they threw those crumbs have got bigger and stake higher for the future raja.and what better way to have a mass who would ever be grateful for the quota in jobs and education and ensure the dynasty continues. and by the way the raja’s approval to the thrown has already been given by the super power in the strategic initiatives even if it means at the cost our ‘nationalinterest’. the reservations are just a matter of domestic aproval ! so the great hurry to push everything before the next elctions. hail the new vassal ,our new leader the benovelent one and the only one—

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