Feroz Khan, we love you!

In vino veritas

Let’s see what’s a worse assault on the cause of peace between India and Pakistan: An inebriated Indian actor putting things pretty much as they are but in a rude and impolite way in a social party; or, a very sober, ‘enlightened moderate’ ruler of Pakistan personally banning the said actor from further visits to Pakistan?

In vino veritas

Let’s see what’s a worse assault on the cause of peace between India and Pakistan: An inebriated Indian actor putting things pretty much as they are, though rudely and impolitely, at a high-society party; or a very sober, ‘enlightened moderate’ ruler of Pakistan personally banning the said actor from further visits to Pakistan?

If peace processes are only about visits by Bollywood celebrities mouthing platitudes, or worse, indulging in apologetics, then they cannot conceivably be a sound basis for peace. There are some uncomfortable truths that Pakistanis have to face — and which their government is loathe to accept — before there can be genuine reconciliation between the two countries. It is never to early to broach these. For if Pakistan feels that the peace process has gone on long enough to get all impatient about Kashmir, then surely it can’t be too early to talk about ‘sensitive’ issues from the receiving end.

That it took a drunk Feroz Khan to say some of the things that needed to be said — albeit in different circumstances (but since when did spirit respect circumstances?) — speaks for the environment of censorship, both self- and externally imposed, that characterises these cross-border schmooze-fests. If the Mahesh Bhatts go to Pakistan to tell their hosts what they already know then there’s little that they actually achieve. Indeed they may even be misleading their hosts into believing that there is nothing to be forgiven and forgotten.

Watching Indian television the day after Feroz Khan’s now famous tirade in Pakistan was an experience in itself. The screenfuls of full-of-himself Mahesh Bhatt were tch-tching on the bad behaviour bit while ignoring entirely what exactly Khan actually said:

“India is a secular country,” (Feroz Khan) was quoted by a Pakistani daily as saying. “Muslims there are making a lot of progress. Our President is a Muslim, the PM a Sikh. Pakistan was made in the name of Islam, but look how Muslims are killing each other.

“I have not come here on my own,” he added. “I was invited to come. Our films are so powerful that your government could not stop them for long.” [TOI]

For which Mahesh Bhatt duly apologised.

It doesn’t take much to be banned even in Musharraf’s enlightened and moderate Pakistan. This should give advocates of ‘people to people contacts’ some pause for thought. Pakistan’s military establishment will tolerate those contacts to the extent that they don’t disturb its own narrative. For people-to-people contacts to be meaningful, it is not sufficient for Pakistanis to be ‘people like us’ (which itself is questionable at the least). It is necessary for them to have a political set-up like India’s.

The actions of drunk actors are usually not taken seriously (unless, for instance, people are run over as a result). But Musharraf thinks otherwise. He thinks Feroz Khan deserves a ban. We think he deserves an award. (He’s a great actor, by the way, and as a film-maker he brought in Pakistani artistes way before Mahesh Bhatt did.)

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  1. Commando Boy is a pathetic idiot. He feels personally affronted when Freoz Khan, Mukhtar Mai and Shazia Khalid tell him some home-truths. He’s convinced that being declared a top-10 failed/failing state is just a matter of image – that everyone else has it wrong. What an mutt. Can’t wait for the next chapter in this circus.

    That said, more power to Feroz Khan. Wonder how much sleep he’s losing after being personally singled out by the illegitimate Ruler of the Citadel of Islam.

  2. The very next day after the incident Feroze Khan was certified by the custodians of India’s national honour, the BJP as a patriot. Congratulations to Feroze Khan for proving his loyalty to his motherland. 😛

  3. This is why most celebrities and ‘mainstream’ media do not criticise Tinpot dictatorships. they will be banned and lose all “access”. while they can heap abuse upon abuse on liberal societies because they won’t cut off “access”. most tinpots know this that is why dictators like stalin, hitler, saddam, mobutu and the saudi arabians and musharraf used this leverage of “access” to get excellent media coverage from the responsible(sic!), mainstream media while the same media won’t hesitate to cook up lies and falsehoods to heap abuse on liberal countries like india, US, europe etc..

    shame on mahesh bhat and co. cheers to feroze khan :). pls next time say all that without getting drunk

  4. The whole episode was shocking and hilarious at the same time. From a diplomatic pov, Mr. Khan statements were….well the absolute bottom. No one doubts (least of all me) their veracity. But no matter how reprehensible the host is, if you are the guest I guess you should go easy on the scotch and the facts. Of course that is not to say the entertainement value was diminished in any sense. And finally Mushie looks likes an even bigger fool by banning Mr. Khan and providing even more attention to Mr. Khan’s statements and his own enlightened banana republic.
    Here’s to the power of druken truths! [glug] [glug]

  5. I couldnt agree more with you. What I don’t understand why the hell does the Indian media always run to Mahesh Bhatt for his (not) insightfull views…be it Bollywood or Non-Bollywood related topics.

    Agree Freoz bhai was drunk…but thats his nature, but what everyone seems to be ignoring are ‘his’ very words. Yes! He deserves an award.

    *I just feel that Mahesh Bhatt is jealous, cause he didnt think of this first.

  6. Feroze khan makes me feel proud to be an indian if only he were’nt drunk i would have felt more proud.

  7. Being drunk sometimes makes you see things as they are. How about a Padma Shri for Feroz bhai for speaking true to tyranny.

    Sakshi, I doubt Mahesh Bhatt is jealous. He just wants to take everyone back from realty to a Pak apologist’s unreal world of moral equivalency.

  8. Talking about drunk, there is reason to believe that Mushy makes many of his earth-shaking pronouncements after his evening peg(s). Wonder if banning Feroz Khan (Bharat Ratna!) was one of them.

    As for Mahesh ‘Butt’ – heard him rant about how his mother (a muslim) was “ill-treated” by his father’s family (hindus). If he’s making up for that (to the muslim community – not his mother!!) by kissing Pakistan’s Bhatt, that’s clueless (and misdirected) in the extreme.

  9. As always, an exaltation of national/ community “honour” above individual freedom. I guess some countries (or more particularly, their leadership) need to mature a lot more. I wonder what the consequences would have been if Feroz Khan wasn’t part of the delegation!

  10. Kudos to Feroze Khan. We forgive all the Jaanbaaz’s, Yalgaar’s and Prem Aggan’s he inflicted on the audience. For once somebody from the make believe world called the spade a spade. Regards Mahesh Bhatt pontificating on such matters, what would be the reaction if Hugh Heffner appeared in the US mainstream media speaking about how US should improve relations with Cuba. This only speaks volumes about how the mainstream media is dumbed down in India. A producer (who at one time was considered one of India’s most promising directors) of soft porn movies is speaking about friendship with a neighbouring country.

  11. I m an Afghan and a bollywood fan feroze khan made my day, Indians should be proud of him, i would love to see that show

  12. Oh shut up all of you,Feroz khan humiliated India, not made it proud and any moron who thinks so is as stupid,uncultured,uneducated and jahil in truest sense,If a Pakistani had made the same comments about india while being in India he would not make it back to Pakistan alive,But Pakistanis are moderate,loving and peaceful people,This is that much hatred and hostility the hindus have for Pakistan,You should kiss Pakistan ass endless for letting the flop old hag of the flop actor who still thinks he is 25 and thinks he is a gora not an indian or an afghan,I think his comments were disgraceful,pitiful and monoric.He made a fool of himself by being banned in a country who welcomed them with open arms,This shows typical indian behaviour as how indians bite the hand that welcomes you.I just wish he was bloody thrown out but I guess Pakistanis went easy on his considering his old frail age.What was more laughable was feroz khan who hailed himself up as a champin of indian muslims has done nothing to upheld the poor muslim minority of India,he should be remined of Babri mosque and Gujrat massacres and on going vhiolations of human rights in kashmir and else where.He kisses hinud ass in fear his own will be raosted by BJP fanatics if he doesnt.
    How wonderful are these Pakistanis!I am amazed!!

  13. feroz khan is completely out of midn and that is reflected in his movies and everything he does …he shud retire from life itself…we dont need people like him who arte full of ego , an ego they have developed despite their failures. i fail to see how he and his son have survived in bollywood….what good have they done…son a druggie ..father a drug dealer…..what else? not only be banned in pakistan but they should be banned in india as well.

  14. Feroz, an (I)diot from (I)ndia. There should be Bollywood movie soon starring Feroz Khan. Indians can not be trusted and he truly displayed his roots and up bringing. What more can you expect from a resident of a fanatic state whose leader was the biggest hypocrite of modern times?

  15. Denesh, I totally agree with you. We as Indians are totally ashamed of Khan,s behaviour on foreign land. As an ambassador, he should have showed more decency, but what can you expect a man whose life is nothing but failure. I have been to Pakistan twice duing last two years with Indian cricket team. To tell you the truth, I am very impresses with the progress and hospitality of people there.

  16. I am a free-lance writer from Khulna, Bangladesh. During my last 17 years of affiliation with a local news paper, I have traveled extensively throughout Indian sub-continent for business and as well as recreation.
    I came across this blog and I am compelled to say a few words here to give a neutral perspective on this issue. India is always been a bully region especially to smaller countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Its intrevention in everyone’s internal affairs is not hidden to anyone. Its involvement in Tamil separatist in Sri-Lanka is known to all. But I must say India has great foreign diplomacy and does pretty well in covering up its dark side.
    Now, to my Indian friends they should look in their corner before pointing fingers! The list is too long of their wrong doings; from the creation of Bangladesh to violation of human rights in Kasmir – just to name a few.
    Feroz Khan is a creation of India, therefore he is mere picture of his motherland – drunkard, druggie etc.

  17. muslim in indian :> drunked feroz khan representing muslims of india..well …i doubt he made muslims of india proub…
    did he…?
    why was he trying to prove that muslims were progressing in india… ?? like musharraf say we r democratic but we are not the same way feroz and other muslims of indian even after 55 years are still proving to hindu majority that they are loyal indian .. thats is worst…
    mr feroz why millions of muslims in india left for pakistan after partition if indian iz and was better..
    gujrat, kashmir plz ask the muslims of these states they will slaap u on ur face Mr ferooz for ur commints..
    victum of complex a second rated citizen of india yet a star who got some kind of “custodian of indian honor” award from a hindu party as he tried to prove mojority of hindu community that he iz loyal indian …
    but what other 160millions muslims living in india who have yet to prove if they are true indian…..my qs to hindu indian?????

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