Sunday Levity: Worldwide Readership, April-May 2006

The Acorn is read in more than 108 countries. Hi everyone, and thanks for helping in my education.

The Acorn is read in more than 108 countries

By popular request, here’s a map showing the worldwide readership of this blog (shaded in red). This is a compilation of readership data collected by Awstats on both the previous and current URLs for the months April and May 2006. The map was generated using Douwe Osinga’s handy tool. In addition to the 108 countries identified, there are a significant number of readers from “unknown” countries. The top 10 countries (including Unknown) account for over 95% of the traffic.

Hi there, everyone! And thanks for helping in my education.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: Worldwide Readership, April-May 2006”

  1. Looks like Acorn is an estabishment now, Nitin.

    Is the unknown country in the top ten this tiny white spec north of Bangladesh?

  2. Chandra,

    If you play with the visitedcountries link, it seems that missing
    country is bhutan.

  3. Nitin,
    Can you tell us which countries/org. have banned you? I bet you must be banned big time in Pak. 🙂

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