Sunday Levity: A few good men (drinking)

And talking

When told that Bangalore has the second largest number of automobiles on the roads in India (after Delhi), Atanu Dey remarked that he had seen half of them on his way there. This was the only piece of conversation that remains in memory. Attempts to recall the rest just brings back the flavour of Black Dog whisky — the same that Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw was found drinking (by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, no less) in the Army’s operations room, while putting India’s war plans into action in 1971). So we’ll have to leave it at that. But Sandeep has more.

Tailpiece: The Indian National Interest will have someone moving over in the next few days.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: A few good men (drinking)”

  1. Confess The clique met not for bacchalian excesses but to undermine the socialist character of Indian republic.This subversion will not go unaswered.

  2. I thought atleast some of you were in or around Mumbai. Sandeep’s picture (the missing one) didn’t have names. Couldn’t tell who was who!

  3. Huvishka – wait to find out 🙂

    Chandra – We were all in Bangalore. Sandeep must have had a reason for not putting up the names; but those in the picture include Jagadish, Atanu and the Chef.

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