10 thoughts on “Sunday Levity: An exercise for you, the reader”

  1. And yes, whom would you ‘blame’ for using these tecniques? Feel free to give a honest opinion, no offense would be taken. 🙂


  2. Confused,

    I stopped counting at 15 🙂 As for who employed one or more of these techniques? Almost everyone. That’s what makes this exercise so entertaining. With regards to the debate itself, there’s one technique that Schopenhauer didn’t point out, but remains very important: Don’t try to convince the opposition, try to convince the audience.

  3. thanks for the link nitin. i’am having a sense of deja vu reading this list. looks like our commie comrades, islamist apologists and islamic fundamentalists use these techniques very often. Thanks for exposing their secrets. maybe now we can turn the tables upon them.

  4. 39th one: when your opponent seems like he’s winning the argument, show him the list with 38 entries and allege that he is using some of those techniques. :=)

  5. Very, very useful. Thank you. And ah yes, am an admirer of your blog. Missed out on meeting you at the last bloggers meet and hope to do so next time.

  6. Nitin,

    Reading the post you linked to I realized that I employed all the techniques.
    It is a distinction methinks (even if a dubious one :-))


  7. Confused (re the trackback from Life is a street car named Desire),

    I would describe what I poured as scorn. Just that the discussion provides for an entertaining (and educative) time for anyone wanting to practice argumentation. It’s meant to be taken lightly.

  8. Nitin,

    Sorry! Wrong choice of words on my part. I have changed it to an educative and entertaining scheme. Please free to edit the trackback suitably.

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