Pardon the sarcasm, Douglas.

The Taliban in Afghanistan were always “Pakistanised”.

The usually insightful Counterterrorism Blog has made at a startling discovery.

Terrorism experts in and out of the intelligence community are growing increasingly concerned about the “Pakistanization” of the resurgent Taliban in the tribal territories that border Afghanistan.

There is increasingly strong evidence that lower-level ISI officers not only tolerate the Taliban, but host training camps for them and provide logisitical support, helping the Taliban to regain political and military footing that is taking an increasingly heavy toll on the the Afghan central government as well as the U.S. and NATO forces on the ground.

It also seems that senior ISI officials can get in contact with Osama bin Laden or Zawahiri when necessary, indicating that, if not necessarily aware of the exact location at all times of the two most wanted men in the world, there still exist channels of direct communication.
This is certainly troubling, given Pakistan’s central role in the Bush strategy of fighting Islamists.[Counterterrorism Blog]

Since the bug is native to these parts our own researchers have properly documented Jihadus pakistanii and how best to get rid of it. And Taliban-tolerating lower-level ISI officers who run training camps don’t do it without the orders of the senior ISI officers who can get in contact with bin Laden.

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  1. Counterterrorism blog seems to be classic American analysts’ analysis – parrot US administration’s lines with an occasional bone of real facts on the ground. It is hard to take these experts seriously.

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