Mumbai. Again.

Bomb blasts on trains

Terrorists have attacked Bombay again. More from Amit Varma. The Mumbai Help blog has the latest updates and information.

This follows the recent escalation of attacks in Jammu & Kashmir.

Update: Who?

Praveen Swami has by far the best analysis at this stage as to who the perpetrators are:

Tuesday’s murderous terror bombing in Mumbai was a tragedy foretold. A least half-a-dozen Lashkar-e-Taiba and Harkat ul-Jihad Islami cells planning major operations in western India had been interdicted since January: one, sooner or later, was certain to penetrate India’s police and intelligence defences.

…what evidence is available, though, suggests that the tactics and techniques used in the Mumbai bombings are similar to those deployed in the wave of strikes that have taken place across India since the end of 2005. Fabricated from easily-available chemicals such as potassium permanganate or aluminium chlorate, with small amounts of RDX to accelerate the detonation, the kinds of explosives that seem to have been used in Mumbai are easy to manufacture — and lethal when used in crowded locations.

If recent experience is a guide, investigators are likely to find that the real architects of the bombing are outside its reach: the Lashkar is headquartered at Muridke, near Lahore, while the HuJI operates out of bases in Dhaka and Chittagong. More likely than not, though, the operation will have been facilitated by local operatives of these terror groups — part of a subterranean but still enormously dangerous movement of small numbers of recruits into the ranks of Islamist terror groups.

Whichever terror group executed Tuesday’s bombing is likely to have drawn at least some of its operatives from the large pool of former Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) members in Maharashtra — an organisation that has survived a ban imposed in 2001 by operating under a variety of cover names. Several of the 11 Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives arrested from the Aurangabad area in May, while attempting to move a shipment of explosives, assault rifles, and grenades into Gujarat, had worked for SIMI before it was proscribed…

Policing and intelligence work helped prevent at least a dozen major terrorist strikes just this year. What the Mumbai strikes have made clear, though, is that India must prepare itself for a long and brutal war ahead. [Praveen Swami/The Hindu]

JK covers additional aspects.

11 thoughts on “Mumbai. Again.”

  1. update 137 killed so far,couple of LeT pigs has been arrested.High alert in all major cities, flights unaffected.

  2. It is very unfortunate about the bomb blast in bombay. What a waste of life. It is high time that the Govt. look beyond vote bank politics and nab and identify the culprits. As it is known that this group belong to a particular community and get shelter from their kinn to operate. BJP and allies are called communal but this tribe goes scott free. Why? VOTE BANK!! (There are no hindu or cristian terorists). If our politicians are really interested in the welfare of the Nation they should get together and say ‘to hell with your vote’ and act.
    Nab them , Expose them, tell them to be indians first and till last!!
    A dream?!!

  3. The target was 1st class passengers ie white-collar office goers. The attack was on the middle-class which is the backbone of India’s economy boom. Pakistan is using LeT to destroy India’s economy and weaken it as it fears a economically strong India because its the economy that speaks at the end of the day.

    FYI the ULFA is made up of Hindu upper-castes and the rest of NE terrorists are Christians.

  4. We don’t really need an analysis to know who the perpetrators are. After all, the Basque terrorists don’t have a track record of targetting India. Bombay’s killers are Islamic terrorists, period. Does it really matter which particularly barbaric faction of these scum attacked us? Is it enlightening to know that it was not, say, the Al Qaeda which is responsible for this, but say, that the Lashkar Taiyyaba or the Hijbul Mujahideen is?

    Anybody who makes demands on the lines of “give me proof that Al Qadea did it” or “give me proof that Lashkar did it” deserves to be treated with utmost contempt. As far as I am concerned, such a fellow is, as KPS Gill would say, the overground face of the underground terrorist.

  5. Nitin,

    What is the possibility that Indian intelliegence agencies were behind this.
    More important when will Pankaj Mishra write about this ?

  6. If they go ahead with the peace talks next with Pakistan, that will be a real insult to the victims of this attack. Whats the point of wanting to be a super power when you can’t protect your own citizens, a good economy alone doesn’t make a country a super power or a power of any sort. I really hope they, by which i mean the govt., do something.

  7. My question is this: will the members of SIMI be eligible for reservations in colleges that Mr Arjun Singh is advocating for Muslims?

    Followup question: If I were to convert to Islam and join SIMI, would I be able to make it to the college that I cannot get into because I am a filthy kuffar?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.

  8. I am surprised Praveen (and apparent secular right and left) did not offer which pogrom was responsible for this carnage. May be that’s for the next brilliant analysis.

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  10. For those who still havent forgotten the recent Mumbai train bomb blasts, donot despair. You will soon forget about it like most other Mumbaikars who are back to their daily routine of farting every morning on toilet seats, admiring their bodies in the mirror and then rushing (or is it crushing) in the trains to offices. We are used to our doormat lifestyles and nothing.. I mean nothing in the universe can help us discard our “chalta-hai” attitudes. If our local politicians and govt. authorities could not change us by their immoral acts over the last 59 years, what can pakistan achieve with their vicious acts? Despite the death of so many people now and in future, Mumbai will still reach the coveted 20 million population benchmark by 2010. Soon Pakistan will not have enough bombs to slaughter us and thus we’ll live happily ever after! Cheers to the zombies of Mumbai !

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