Lest you forget, Pakistan tells you why Bombay was bombed

The forked tongue. And a Freudian slip.

Gen Musharraf himself was quick off the mark in condemning the terrorist attacks. But less than 24 hours after the serial bomb blasts on Mumbai’s local trains, Khurshid Kasuri, Pakistan’s foreign minister had this to say:

After condemning the Mumbai train blasts, Pakistan has said the ‘best way’ of dealing with extremism in South Asia is to tackle ‘real issue’ of Jammu and Kashmir. [Rediff]

And this:

“We need to take steps in which extremism is discouraged. Extremism in one religion leads to extremism in the other,” he said. [Rediff]

Those inclined to be charitable may suggest that Kasuri’s exasperation with the “slow progress on Kashmir” caused him to say this at an inopportune time. Still, it shows what how they think out there in Pakistan.

But there is little reason to be charitable. Supporting terrorism was Pakistan’s chosen way to get India to the table. That has changed little. Kasuri has demonstrated that Pakistan continues to brazenly use any act of terrorism to push its point on Kashmir. It is condemning terrorism as ‘despicable’, all right. Only, as usual, it is seeking to benefit from it too.

Update: Reports indicate that Kasuri’s comments have not been well-received by his Indian counterparts.
Another Update: Kasuri does not stop digging. He does not think that he is in a hole.

40 thoughts on “Lest you forget, Pakistan tells you why Bombay was bombed”

  1. No matter how much we – ordinary people – complain, Pakistan will keep on having it noth ways as long as our impotent politicians keep playing with vote banks and don’t have their priorities correct.

    It is extremely heartbreaking to feel helpless at this moment when our politicians are the last one to be relied upon in national tragedies and every single media comes out with their own self righteous political/social agenda.

  2. Nitin,

    May be we need more people to people contact.
    You know more buses, more singers from across the borders.
    I mean after Pakistani aawam lover Indian junta and it is because of misunderstanding that land of pure is spawning terrorists.

  3. Nitin
    It is business as usual for Pakistan to make such brazen and shameless comments and for the media to ignore it. But what is shameful is the Indian governments assurance after every terrorist strike ‘not to derail the peace process’ and the media breathes a sigh of relief.

  4. Nitin,

    Pakistan is not a stable country which directly affects its neighbors. I have this crazy(?) idea. Break Pakistan into 3 parts. Make Balochistan a free and independent country. Make NWFP join Afganistan and let Pakistan be what it is – punjab and sind province. This will solve several issues. Pakistan will not have land-access to China and Kashmir. Pakistan will not be able to exploit NWFP/Balochistan and Afganistan to make Jihadi militants.

    This will cut Pakistan to its real size! Of course if only this can be done 🙁

  5. Bala,

    Not the first time I’m seeing a comment like this on this blog. I’ve always believed that a stable, internally-reconciled Pakistan is in India’s best interests. As you say, if only this can be done 🙁

  6. Apparently this is what India had to say about Kasuri’s comments. How many more attacks on innocent Indians are needed before we stop ‘hoping’ and ‘urging’ Pakistan to denounce terror unconditionally?

  7. I am studying game theory articles today in the business context.

    According to this framework, the problem for India in the India-Pak game is lack of a credible threat to Pakistan. Unless there is an instance of payback to the Pakistanis, we are going to bleed forever.

  8. salamz,
    being a pakistani i really dont know who has commmitted this horrible act of terrorism, but one thing z for sure Pak government is not involved in it. i think president Musharraf and Pakistani establishment has reaslised that only economic progreess is the way to deal with india and to be treated as powerfull and respected islamic state . for which peace is a fundamental requirement. after so much of consessions and cbm made by Pak. i dont think pak or ISI is responsible for thiz.
    with billlion of dollarz of investment on the pipeline from britain uae kuwait and other gulf countries TO Pakistan,regional stability is must for PAKISTAN I HOPE THOSE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIZ HORRRIBLE ACT ARE CAUGHT AND BROUGHT TO JUSTICE

  9. Also the Balochistan freedom struggle should be supported wholeheartedly.

    I am just surprised, why doesnt the army take over the administration. They are the one who have any courage left in India, why are they allowing themselves to be ruled by the limpdeeks.

    Also, I think we should actively encourage hindu youths, to get armed. The elimination (or conversion) of Muslims and Christains is the real solution to Indias problem.

    In last 50+ years it has quite apparent that we dont deserve democracy (remember good old emergency). We need heavy handed administration with a single voice, which the army can certainly provide for say next ten years, change the constitution to presidential system, then perhaps, handover the power to people again. Also, first thing they should do is blow up all the 60 MP’s from the communist party, along the known candle kissers.

  10. irfan: we appreciate your concern and thank you for it. The Mumbai police are among the best in the world. They will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who’s responsible. Till then everyone has the benefit of doubt.

    Manu: agree. That idiot IK Gujral rolled back the policy of retribution (probably his love for his demented Punjabi counterpart, Nawaz Sharif). We don’t need to formally reinstate it but … Just look at what Israel is doing in Gaza – they’ve turned 1 (now 3) uniformed soldiers into the reason for bulldozing the terrorist establishment. We don’t think 200 killed civilians is reason enough to stop talking to the gun-toting fools.

  11. itsbesttobeanon……

    what happens ater ten years, if the generals develop a taste for the good life and refuse to relenquish power?

    look at pakistan..

  12. Irfan — how do you know the Pakistani government is not involved ?

    itsbesttobeanon — if you like military dictatorships so much, I’m sure there are 100 countries in the world you could go to.

  13. “In last 50+ years it has quite apparent that we dont deserve democracy”

    That’s right. Let’s create a tyranny to fight another tyranny. Let’s become them to show them we are different.

    Irfan, I hope you are right. But as long as the Gen and his cohorts play along with terrorists and justify them, and not destroy the 100s of terror camps to the north of your country, you have a hard case to make.

  14. We don’t think 200 killed civilians is reason enough to stop talking to the gun-toting fools.

    libertarian, I can’t believe that even after listening to Womanmohini singh’s speech you’ve not come to your senses. As our beloved Womanmohini said, we must all stand united. A natural question would then be: what do we do while doing all that standing.
    The answer is obvious: we should send more buses to Pakistan and invite terrorists over so that we could talk to them, to pass time while we’re standing. The terrorists would then come and be like, ok, all these people are just standing, how stupid we’re to think of bombing them. They’d then laugh, all us standing Indians would laugh, and all would be happy happy joy joy.

  15. Kaul,

    you dont get it, if for 50 years you could live under the misery of democracy, how bad would army rule be. And it is your imagination that people in Pakistan are suffering under Army rule. May be certain region is in bad state like balochistan (because we deserted them!). Its like assuming if under democracy Bihar is bad, so all of India is going through same situation.

    Mangal, now dont be an idiot. Just because you can’t get proper leadership/administration of choice nobody leaves a country.

    Who says abolishing democracy neccesarily brings tyranny. Look at China, though not army rule nor democracy, the exaggerated suffering of their people is atleast not because their leaders are hijdas, like ours.

    We need more people like Col. Chitale, http://www.hvk.org/articles/1102/150.html , except for spears and sticks, we should all financilly contribute to upgrade his tools with IED’s and RL and AK47’S.

  16. Gentlemen,

    Discussing whether or not India is better off as a dictatorship is way too fantastic and out of place here. Please direct your energies wisely.

  17. seven_times_six: Is there some subliminal message beyond your rant? If you’re frustrated – I share that completely. But throwing our hands up and despairing our weak leadership is not an option. We owe more to those who fell yesterday, and in 2003, in Delhi, Varanasi, and in Akshardham. We need to contribute towards a strategic equivalent of the tactical brilliance of the common person in yesterday’s mayhem. And damn the government. Low expectations mean less disappointment.

  18. libertarian: the subliminal message was actually quite superliminal; it highlights the absurdity of holding talks with terrorists. But we’re talking with the Pak govt. one’d say. Either Musharraf has control over them, in which case talking with him is equivalent to talking with a machiavellian leader in control of guerilla terrorists, hardly a useful exercise; or he doesn’t have control over them, in which case it is an exercise of useless public grandstanding.

    I’m not saying diplomatic channels should not be kept open; I’m saying talking is not a substitute, or even a component of what actually needs to be done.

  19. Somehow, these attacks seem to culminate the increasing set of socialist-communist policy announcements from the UPA administration.

    I feel like we’re being torn apart from both inside and outside.

    I agree with Nitin that any solution has to lie within the democratic framework, but any actual solution would have to involve coercion, with the duped consent of people and more pertinently, the politicians: for the system is corrupt and depraved and beyond repair.

  20. @Mangal:How do you know that Pakistanis are involved while your own PM and police has not reached to conclusion.Should we think that this was a *plan* of India to halt talks between two countries?

  21. “Should we think that this was a *plan* of India to halt talks between two countries?”

    What else is new about conspiracy believers, Adnan Siddiqi? Even before the blood dried on the tracks, the carnage morphed into Arjun Singh’s saying Hindus are doing the killing to blame Muslims (if it makes you happy, he is a senior cabinet minister). I am sure, according your folks, Manmohan planned this attacked and CBI (RAW would make it better for you, I’d think) executed it. Why? Because he couldn’t say no to talks!! That’s great.

    I have wonder what your IQ is.

  22. chandra you Indians start offending others when reality is shown to you.
    You might not pay attention to your own news sources but if you read papersof last 3 days,you wil find that there was noo *clue* of Pakistan involvment,even Police officials and Manmohan are not sure like they were not sure about Parliment attack few years back.

    Second thing that Pakistan was blamed within 2 hours of the incident.I wonder same police who was not efficient to stop the blast was efficiant enough to find evidence of Pakistani involvment.

    I am sure, according your folks, Manmohan planned this attacked and CBI (RAW would make it better for you, I’d think)

    No,when there is VHP,why one need to blame someone else.Didnt bal thackrey’e guys started rampage when bal’s wife statue was removed and he threatened Mahrashtra govt for the results?I know you Indians love to close your eyes from reality.But i dont buy the theory that every Indian is a retard and Ignorant,you might curse Amit(http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/amit_varma/2006/07/the_significance_of_the_mumbai.html)

    that he came up with something like that.Infact Amit is being cursed by ignorant indianslike you.Check here [ https://retributions.wordpress.com/2006/07/12/shiv-sena-and-mumbai-blasts/%5D


  23. Adnan,

    You write:

    Second thing that Pakistan was blamed within 2 hours of the incident.I wonder same police who was not efficient to stop the blast was efficiant enough to find evidence of Pakistani involvment.

    I’d go so far as saying Pakistan was blamed even before the blasts. This is not as unreasonable as it seems, when you realise—and even the Pakistani press agrees—that organisations like the Lashkar-e-Taiba/Jamaat-ud-Dawa and personalities like Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar and Dawood Ibrahim operate openly out of Pakistan. And you wonder why Pakistan is blamed for these attacks?

    But I agree that Indians close their eyes from reality, and that’s one reason why these bomb blasts happened. But not for, and not only for the reasons you cite. (Btw, I don’t think even Amit is hinting that the VHP or Bal Thackeray’s people carried out those attacks)

    I should add, that under the circumstances, the grin was out of place. Don’t you agree?

  24. Adnan, I am glad you could find quotes from Indians to give us a conspiracy theory – VHP-Manmohan axis!!!

    We have bigger retards than you in our country – I’ll the first to admit that.

    Keep grinning at the carnage – what else can we expect from peace loving people.

  25. I’d go so far as saying Pakistan was blamed even before the blasts. This is not as unreasonable as it see

    Thats typical Hindi movie styles specially by ramgopal where One party sets a drama against other party by installing bombs on different places and then blame to other party.Your govt also suffering from bollywood-phobia.

    Speaking of LeT or any other orgs,I personally dont support them but saying they were involved is pretty fictitious and lame as they had already rejected it.In past they did commit few activities in India.

    Amit is a retard because hes admitting that there are evil orgs in India like VHP and freaks like bal thackrey?.awesome ,truly awesome.

    Do read this post by Cynical Nerd.

    He is already a cynical.

    BTW,did India handover any documented proof to Pakistan yet?We are still waiting for proofs of last attack on your partiment =)

  26. Adnan,

    I concede, there are no terrorists in Pakistan. Now please can you stop grinning.
    But know this, if you think that by pretending you can wish away consequences of actions you are mistaken.

    By the way while Amit Varma’s article was lame nowhere did he imply that VHP and Shiv Sena was involved in the attack. With neighbourhood that India has there is no need to spin yarns.

    Did you ask Uncle Sam for some documents to prove that Pakistan has terrorist before you started genuflecting.

  27. Gaurav,
    Let Adnan grin as much as he want. In his land of the pure Shias and Sunnis are blowing up each other. But I wonder whether their Prophet had promised any virgins as prize for blowing up each other.

    Adnan ,
    You need to read CN’s post that I linked above. He has written nothing other than truth with all the links to prove the truth. Every terrorist the West ever wanted always had a Pakistani link. It is a miracle that your country is still around. I think you are living on borrowed time. God help you when the West runs out of patience…

  28. I never said there is no violent element in Pakistan.But you guys live in fools paradise and assume that there is no violent elements among hindus while you experience it yourself in your lives.

    It doesnt bother me that you guys keep babbling that Pakistan is involved.If pakistan is involved,comeup with proof,if you cant provide proof then there is no point left that you keep showing your haterd towards others,but yes before that,don’t forget to provide proofs about last parliment attack.

    It is a miracle that your country is still aroun

    Thanks for letting me know typical indian thought.Yes its a miracle that there is a loony neighbor(India) and we are still surviving.Umm I know pakistan’s existance hurt every indian across the border and I love this feeling of yours *grin*.

    As i said ,carry on your bollywood drama,its just entertaining me nothing else.;)

  29. Gaurav

    there was shia/sunni element in past(80s),not anymore.It might surprised/hurt you that the biggest religious alliance in Pakistan,MMA has 2 shias and 3 sunnis parties.

    Yes RAW keeps trying to spoil things here and we keep grabbing their asses,like we grabbed few RAW agents in Balochistan who have their training camps in Indian Embassy to train baloch sardars.Unlike Indian’s babling,we handed over document proof to Indian Govt about RAW’s involvment and things r pretty much OK now.Why dont you comeup with proof rather keep starting different anti-Pakistan posts on blogsphere?get a life!!

  30. Adnan,

    Thank you for making the points you have made. As this blog has continued to point out, efforts to inform you and clear your misperceptions about what Indians believe in, and indeed the sheer pleasure of living in this fool’s paradise are wasted.

    And please keep the grin on your face. It suits the occasion as far as Pakistan is concerned. You have a lot to be grinning about.

  31. Nitin!

    ignoring your useless sarcasm,its pretty lame that you guys just blame pakistan without any proof and its very very childish.Khair it doesnt bother me,doesnt bother millions of Pakistanis at all.

    You guys shouldn’ bother to use http://inblogs.net/ service to access your blocked blogspot websites because its a pakistani service,a service by your eneemy.Poor guys were so lame that they thought such service would bring friends from your soil.They aint aware there are very extreeme elements across the border

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