Indian newspaper editors notice

…several rather obvious things.

Editorial pages of Indian newspapers are filled with column after column about the politics-induced dysfunction of India’s national security apparatus, the communalisation of anti-terror policy, Gen Musharraf’s failure to keep his promises, India’s failure to force him to and the need to do so, that enough is enough, for it looks like a long war.

But will they remember this next week?

12 thoughts on “Indian newspaper editors notice”

  1. Yes Nitin,

    Terror Talk Shows have hit the town with vengeance. I second Apollo.

  2. Nitin!
    I have a suggestion – rather my blog!
    Take off voting rights for the next 10 years for the Ms and we shall have some sensible governance soon..

  3. Nitin: time to dust off and polish that manual on “wetbacks”. The ability to strike in the uppermost echelons with credible deniability is a crying need. “Mossad, tell us more about the whole Khaled Mashaal deal” …

  4. Just read this article by Larry Chin of where he says USA had a hand in the 7/11 Mumbai terror attack becasue USA wants to destabilise India.

  5. Here is another article which claims British Terror Link to Mumbai Train Blasts.

    I’m sorry for posting these links here. I am posting these links only because they are relevant to the topic. I hope you dont mind.

  6. They’ll remember this for infinity untill something equally barbaric/sensational happens. They’ve hit a jackpot as far as running their media (print or TV) is concerned. Atleast, in this case, they’ll be writing/airing some stuff other than Rahul Mahajan’s coke and Mika kissing Rakhi Sawant affairs.

  7. A lot needs to be desired if we have the whole party(ies), and not just a few stray politicians, who don’t act on suspects just because they are from a minority community…ok…ok….muslims for fear of ‘damage’ that can do to their vote banks. If the police suspects…er..Mumbai police suspects SIMI or Laskar, SP coming all the way from Lucknow, or any other political party for that matter, has(ve) no business to comment and give a clean chit to an organisation that has been banned by the government. The matter is still under investigation. Dont they know?

    Wonder how UP Police and the administration works under these patriots…just recollect the UP Home Secretary explaining the rationale behind a state minister announcing a reward of Rs.51 crore for the Danish cartoonist’s head.

    So when law breakers are sitting and directing/modifying/editing the investigations now even in matters of national security, what can we expect? More bombings. What else? Just pray that you dont die today for the rest of your life.

  8. I don’t share your opinion that our editors/media are behaving or will behave in a responsible way. Today almost all newspapers counted the Gujaratis among the dead. The coordinated nature of the apperance of the “Gujarat angle” in news shows that the stories are planted . A guy called Balakrishnan said in Times of India that rich Gujaratis were targeted because they “fund the Modi government”, whatever that means. I predict that this Gujarat theme will be developed and strenghtened further in the coming the days. The impetus will come from two sources: a government desparate to escape blame for the terrorist attacks and blame it on someone else; and FOTs (friends of terrorists) in the media and “intelligentsia” seeking to shift the blame away from the (Paki) killers and on to the “Hindu fundamentalists”.

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