On post-attack Pakistani rhetorical belligerence

Why the Pakistani people are not helping themselves by their rhetorical belligerence

Maverick’s post on dealing with Pakistani attitude problems is a must read.

The main problem in dealing with the Pakistanis is that a great many of their number take it upon themselves to speak out of turn. Most of these people today are going to great lengths to talk sheer rubbish about the links between the Mumbai blasts and everything else under the sun. This is typical Pakistani behavior – talk without thought to the consequences…

Ofcourse if you are an intelligent Pakistani, you will soon realize that making open-ended and belligerent statements in the media will only spike the curiousity of Indian people who already see Pakistan as a criminal entity. The Indian people will then try to satisfy their curiousity with more questions and that means Government of India will have to give more answers. If Government of India is to give more answers – Pakistan will have to answer more questions. The more questions Pakistan has to answer – the more cans of worms it will have to open. The more cans it is forced to open – the more the troubles of Pakistan grow. If you are a very intelligent Pakistani – then you will understand that the parade of clowns in Pakistan has to stop to avoid bringing about an outcome that unravels the Pakistani state. [Maverick]

2 thoughts on “On post-attack Pakistani rhetorical belligerence”

  1. Nitin,

    Maverick is pretty good. A well informed guy. But this analysis beats me. Its a little dense for me.

  2. Talk without a thought to the consequences… ???

    They do think about the consequences, but then with India, they dont have to do much of it. They expect the standard usual responses. And the biggest threat that you-know-who (i dont want to take names, site can be blocked) can give is to stop the dialogue. :))

    The only time they got it wrong was during Kargil. They were expecting Congressi style whines and soundbytes from UN and security council, but suffered a fourth defeat instead.

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