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  1. Nitin, i don’t understand why. this guy has all shades of being a leftist nut. this is what he wrote in the immediate aftermath of the Mumbai blasts and there are more gems lying around.

    Can this guy prove even one case where a terrorist attack has started riots anywhere, anytime in India? even one.

    I think this guy will only dilute the standard of ur blog. why did u include him? is it to pre-empt ur blog from getting blacklisted by the Babus on south block?

  2. Apollo,

    If he is a leftist nut, then I am che guvera.


    I smell some conspiracy, it will ne exposed soon


  3. gaurav. when and where did a terrorist attack start a communal riot in India?

    Date, time and place please 😉

  4. @Gaurav

    Even ur doubtful about 2002. Ok. let us allow confused to express his view on whether he considers Godhra as a terrorist attack or not.

    1984? possibly. only if u can classify the congress as a religious cult since it is dedicated to the worship of the Nehru-Gandhi parivar.

    What about the zillion other attacks including 1993, 2003, oct 2005 in delhi, march 2006 in varanasi? did any riots take place then?

    What does our confused have to say about this inconvenient statistics?

  5. Hi all,

    It would be quite redundant for two bloggers on INI to express exactly the same opinions. For example, Cynical Nerd and The Acorn differ on many issues; and this is largely a very good thing. Can’t speak for the others, but The Acorn does not allow itself to be constrained by convenient ideological labels.

    Someone writing on domestic political issues will necessarily encounter more criticism than those who write on foreign policy and strategic affairs, so I don’t envy them. And those who differ with Confused are welcome to debate it out on his blog. It’ll be more fun and educative if it is also interesting.

  6. confused, that’s a very left handed compliment to the shivsena and if it is news to u. I’am a regular reader of ur blog. i have ur rss feed. i read that post long back. u blamed the Shivsena for everyhting under the sun and said something like let us give the devil its due even though i don’t feel like it and said shivsena did some good relief work in the aftermath of the blasts.

    well anyway i don’t care if my train is blown up by red, green or pink fundamentalists. the bomb won’t know it neither will my limb.

    anyway i only expressed my misgivings here. i have nothing against u personally. like i said i’am a regular reader of ur blog since like u i consider myself a liberal but one who is mugged by reality 🙂

  7. Strange,

    One liberal (mugged by reality) is attacking another liberal, so what exactly is a Anti Secular conservative (that is me) doing there 😉

  8. Apollo,

    I am surely not fond of Shiv Sena, having said that I don’t blame them for what they have not done. That is all. Of course, there is nothing personal.



  9. I hope that ur “liberalism” is subject to the Indian National Interest and not the other way round :).

  10. Gaurav – 1984?

    We should all be grateful, because the “perpetrators” helped remove the meglomaniac, who single handedly was responsible for overthrowing democratically elected state govt’s, including in J&K. And who was responsible for violating the sanctity of the holiest of Sikh shrines.
    Compare that to the way the dozens of wanted terrorists[some from across the border], were allowed to walk away free from the under siege chrar – e – sharif mosque in srinagar.

  11. I should make myself clear.
    My claim is that her being shot was not a “terrorist” attack.

    Also, that the 1984 progrom was pre-planned by her highnesses own coterie, in the hours between her actual passing and the announcement of her passing.

  12. No post yet, and already there is so much fun happening. Confused.. I’m sorry, i may not read you, but i will most definitely read the comments. Happy writing in new home. Fight the temptation to be pedantic 😛

  13. Nitin
    good pick
    confused will add to the variety here. and as the trailor shows. much fun will happen.

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