Kenyan coincidence

Suspected and found

Three days ago a speculative report in the Hindustan Times suggested that the Abdul Karim ‘Tunda’ faction of the Lashkar-e-Taiba could have carried out the July 11th attacks on Mumbai. Tunda was known to operate out of Bangladesh and Pakistan. But he evaded capture for years.

Today, Kenyan police arrested him in Mombasa.

Coincidences of this kind, shall we say, are not routine.

4 thoughts on “Kenyan coincidence”

  1. brings to importance the already known fact that African states have been and will continue to be ‘cooling off’ places for islamic militants..also add states such as Thailand and other SE Asian states minus Singapore…
    remember the missile attack on an El-Al airline from Kenyan soil and ofcourse the earliest front in the new crusades when the kenyan embassy was bombed…

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