Revealed inclinations

These are the reasonable folks

A well-known think-tanker, a retired Pakistan army officer, insinuates that since Indian investigators, like their Pakistani counterparts, use torture while interrogating suspects, it is possible for them to unearth a Pakistani connection to the terrorist attacks on Mumbai. He cites the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi as evidence that Hindu groups could ‘use violence to derail the peace process. And he proposes that India and Pakistan conduct a joint inquiry along with a neutral observer. Not any neutral observer, but UNMOGIP, an defunct outfit that India is not very fond of.

A well-known columnist, again a former Pakistan army officer, writes:

But something new is emerging, a galaxy of heroes of whom the masses can be proud: in Iraq the resistance which has humbled and made a mockery of American might, in Lebanon Hasan Nasrallah and glorious Hezbollah, in the Gaza Strip equally valiant Hamas, in Afghanistan a resurgent resistance and, whether anyone likes it or not, Sheikh Osama bin Laden. [Dawn]

5 thoughts on “Revealed inclinations”

  1. And then after all the praise comes the shocked innocence…what to my mind is the most galling thing is that after all this they want us to believe their bloody drama.
    The [expletive deleted] contrast between Israel’s and India’s reaction to terrorism is a very interesting study in international relations. The former is willing to start a war to rescue a kidnapped soldier without any heed to international displeasure while India at best can spout weak statements while everyone – bureaucrats on both sides and terrorists wait for ‘business as usual’. Then its going to be another Indian city and another. Ad nauseum. I think its because we as Indians are thick-skinned. Its an important component of our national character. Garbage on the streets. Babu taking bribe. Dog peeing in the street. Bombs going off in bazaars, ghats and trains. We as a people have reached such a level of numbness that nothing affects any more.

    Sab chalta hai.

  2. Nitin, Ayaz Amir surprised me too. It seems he will support anyone who is fighting American interests.

  3. Chilling article from another beard in Puke-istan.
    If this article doesn’t give us the message nothing will…
    folks this is world war # 3 and us Indians (read Hindus) better choose our side and choose it well…our gear box has a lot of sand being thrown into it and if the machine has to run then the sand has to be thrown out…

  4. Classic Paki speak. These people are born with forked tongues and ice in their veins. They lie with such righteous anger, they almost convince you.

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