Kenyan coincidence (3)

The rendition is extraordinary

If the package was addressed to India, it was intercepted along the way.

After his arrest, he was locked up at Mombasa Central Police Station before being transferred to Nairobi under a heavy anti-terrorism police guard. It was from Nairobi that the suspect was said to have been repatriated to unknown country. [Kenya Times]

It is being suspected that Americans got there first, and picked up the quarry without wasting time on such things as legal proceedings. The poor Kenyans were left with the unhappy task of using their imagination to explain why they didn’t catch Abdul Karim Tunda, after all, or possibly that the Tunda they caught was not the Tunda India sought and thought they caught.

At this stage, it is difficult to say for certain that the Americans were involved in Tunda’s interception. But it is the most likely explanation. Tunda is a high-profile catch, and the Kenyans would have been most unlikely to risk facing the international opprobrium that would follow if they were to allow Tunda to get away. As for Indian authorities, they would have liked to bring Tunda back in a blaze of publicity, not quietly spirit him away. That leaves the Americans. For their part, the Kenyans probably figured they can handle whatever opprobrium India hurls at them, if indeed it does.

The Americans may have grounds to claim Tunda in line with their own war against terrorism. But by snatching him from India they are one more step closer to making this only their war against terrorism. And that would entirely be America’s fault.

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6 thoughts on “Kenyan coincidence (3)”

  1. Indian intelligence waited too long – ironing their shirts may be. He is probably somewhere in CIA’s prison in Europe. I doubt US will give Indian intelligence any access to him even if he’s involved in Mumbai carnage.

  2. From Praveen Swamis analysis, it does not appear as if we will get anything from this old man. Did the ISI take him back to his “home” or did the Americans?

    I was also thinking initially maybe the ISI had no use of him, so they transported him to Kenya so that he could be picked up, safely away from “home”.

  3. Did the ISI take him back to his “home” or did the Americans?

    Indeed. I presume you don’t think it is the ISI since you believe it might have been them who outed him in the first place as a cookie to India.
    If that would’ve been true, he wouldn’t have been useful, if not to us, not as much to the Americans as well.

    I think the hypothesis that he was there on some Dawood’s project makes more sense, in which case it seems more plausible that it’s the ISI who spirited him away.

    Either way, my blood boils at the bumblingness of Indian Intelligence. There was some stupid talk in one the articles you linked to about contacting the Kenyan authorities after the weekend!!!

    There is so much rot, so much ineptitude, with the administration, the services, with almost everything in India, sometimes it’s overwhelming. I can never forgive our parents, our ancestors for letting the country come to such a rot.

  4. “I can never forgive our parents, our ancestors for letting the country come to such a rot. ”

    I used to think that way. But now I wonder what I am doing to stop the rot beyound calling rot a rot.

  5. Good call Chandra, all I can offer is that if we continue to take the anguish of the nation as a personal anguish, and continue to want to act out our anguish as opposed to accept or repress it away, solutions shall appear.

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