Reactions from the centre of the jihadi universe

Denial, mostly

A bit of scepticism is in order (about the veracity of the British & American claims that there was a massive terrorist attack in the offing), writes the Pakistan’s Daily Times. That’s because ‘the past record of intelligence agencies everywhere suggests they are quite capable of blowing up or underplaying things for better media management of their respective governments’ performance’.

Admitting that its position comes close to indulgence in conspiracy theories, the newspaper suggests that the Bush-Blair duo had every incentive to cook up something sensational to draw attention away from their failures (and ‘the killings of hundreds by Israel in Lebanon’). So give us the facts, it asks. What is implicit is that unless proven otherwise, the newspaper sees good reason to believe in the conspiracy theories, of which proof is neither offered nor demanded. [Related Links: Unfortunately, the editors of Daily Times have been giving credence to too many conspiracy theories.]

The News goes a step further. ‘The incident has made clear, yet again’, it charges, ‘that the real cause of global terrorism is the political and economic injustice of US policies in the world’. It warns that America and Britain will continue to face such threats in future ‘but what is more important is that both the US and the UK should try and understand what is causing some of their citizens to consider such extreme acts’.

And Dawn takes a fighting stance. Pakistan needs no lectures on fighting terrorism, for ‘in fact, what Pakistan has done in smashing terrorist cells and arresting some of the leading Al Qaeda activists is unprecedented. No other country can match Pakistan’s record’. In its opinion, Pakistan is fighting terrorism of its own volition, while Afghanistan and India are using it as a ‘bogey’ to further their own interests.

That the Musharraf regime has no choice but to attempt to portray itself as a indispensable partner in the war against al-Qaeda is understandable. But it is baffling that the editors of Dawn can’t figure out the reason why no other country can match Pakistan’s record. If there is one truth that hit the world on its face in the last couple of days, it is that half-a-decade after Gen Musharraf’s supposed U-turn on terror, Pakistan remains the centre of the jihadi universe. At this time most of the Pakistani press is in a state of denial.

7 thoughts on “Reactions from the centre of the jihadi universe”

  1. Dawn says:
    “Pakistan needs no lectures on fighting terrorism, for ‘in fact, what Pakistan has done in smashing terrorist cells and arresting some of the leading Al Qaeda activists is unprecedented.”

    Somebody please tell them that they can boast about this only because Pakistan forms centre of Jihaadi Universe.

  2. It is quite clear that, Pakistan enjoys a comparative advantage in producing terrorists.
    And until this advantage diminishes, we should expect more of the same. i.e, terroristas galore coming from that land of the pure.

  3. Oh the injustice of it all. Poor Pakistan – just minding it’s own business – being blamed because British citizens were equipped psychologically, financially, logistically and militarily on it’s hallowed soil. For more of the same read these letters from the land of the pure and from its supporters. Just breaks my heart.

  4. Nitin,

    But considering the fact national media is supposed to be opinion former of a nation, doesn’t it mean that much of expectations regarding a democratic Pakistan is misplaced.

  5. Pakistan a nation whose entire status apparatus runs on propaganda and conspiracy theories, has this time included press to voice its malicious opinions. I sometimes wonder why does not a nation like Pak burst into revolt against such a government. I was recently reading Ahmed Rashid’s (A Pakistan – based Journalist) book Jihad. He discusses Cental Asia basically, but as far as I could see Pakistan’s role elsewhere I could see it only as a foolish state that has not shred its tribal pursuits.
    Why does not public ask that money that the gov. is spending on terrorism is sucked from their pockets, and from other channels like international loans. I dont know if IMF and WTO interfere at micro and macroeconomic levels in Pakistan, once they have given the loan to it. Every grenede that pak throws or asks its terrosists to throw into Indian borders makes its citizens poorer by some amount. History says, “IF YOU DONT CHANGE YOU WILL PERISH”.
    Dawn says , “No Other Country can match pakistan’s record”.
    Rightly said, No other country papmered al-Quaeda the way Pakistan had, and today she is breathing heavily when she no longer can carry its weight, when its guns are directed against her by intent or by mistake.

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