Get the Indian Blue Helmets out of Lebanon

Leave it to France

France has taken up the responsibility of leading UN peacekeepers in Lebanon. It is consulting Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia over troop contributions. Amit Baruah reports that India ‘appears to have been kept out’ of the diplomatic discussions over the composition of the peacekeeping force.

In fact, India should keep out of those diplomatic discussions. Now is a good time to withdraw the Indian Blue Helmets from Lebanon.

Update: They should rightly be called “Blue Turbans”

Source: The Telegraph UK

4 thoughts on “Get the Indian Blue Helmets out of Lebanon”

  1. yes. I strongly believe that we should be on the other side of the “Blue line” if not physically atleast morally. It is immoral hanging around with the terrorist appeasing crowd like the UN, france etc…

  2. I am not sure how effective Indian blue helmets as a part of the larger UN force there has been till now. Hezbollah did shell Northen Israel frequently all these years. Same thing goes for Pakistani or even Bangladeshi blue helmets because most of them are from South Asia nowadays.

    By the way calling the UN terrorist appeasing isn’t doing any good to it. It hasn’t really done anything impartial other than be ineffective and dismissing it outright instead of making it stronger is handing power to one country or a set of countries in the world.

    France is infact opposed to Hezbollah immensely and calling it names seems very much like just repeating what the average American believes for his/her own national reasons.

  3. Abeer,

    The effectiveness of Indian troops has got nothing to do with my argument. The reason I am against sending Indian troops to fill UNIFIL is because India’s interests in the Middle East do not require the sending of Indian blue helmets.

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