Free your mind, said Morpheus

Whoa! Neo replied

In his debut article on Tech Central Station, Amit Varma reflects on the India’s attitude towards the freedoms it does not even realise it does not have. He also quotes a certain ‘respected political commentator’, whose views are, shall we say, somewhat difficult to disagree with.

3 thoughts on “Free your mind, said Morpheus”

  1. Secular democracy !

    Shah Bano will beg to differ.
    Ok, I get the idea, everything is secular as long as it is not Hindu, that explains for sure.
    Orwell will appreciate the irony


  2. Amit varma’s op-ed pieces tend to contradict each other a lot. There is no consistency and one gets a distinct feeling that he packages stuff for the target audience.

    He has one set of expressions for ‘The Guardian’ audience, one set for his ‘india uncut’ audience and now yet another for his TCS audience.

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