Weekday Squib: Train snatching

This one chugged along the cuckoo’s nest

Pakistan Railways’ shunting locomotive No 6604 was hijacked. Twenty five minutes, three stations and a near miss later, Madhan Lal Thakur, the hijacker, is arrested. An “Indian” from the “state of Hyderabad”, according to a railway police official. A terrorist, perhaps.

Not true, says Jabli, a resident of Hyderabad (city in Pakistan’s Sindh province). Madhan Lal, her husband, is a Pakistani citizen who was supposed to be at a mental asylum until they saw him on TV.

Madhan Lal Thakur is the son of Govind Lal a railways coolie. When asked by reporters in Karachi whether he supported LK Advani he answered that he was a Pakistani who was willing to give up his life for his country. As he spoke to reporters, he smoked a cigarette and swayed ever so slightly as if under the influence of something. “I moved the engine with my mind,” he said, adding that he learnt how to drive a train from a man named Ashraf who repaired buses and trucks. [DT]

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  1. Wow – those cunning Hindu baniyas aren’t just content with their money-lending ways any more.

  2. Yes – Advani’s still suspect – even after giving Jinnah his Certificate of Secularism!

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