16 thoughts on “Why Malegaon?”

  1. Nitin,

    Reports say the bombs were crude. So may be terrorists were not involved.
    Instead it might have local elements keen to provoke riots.


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  3. Gaurav,
    You mean like the Jama Masjid bombs? Then the aim is to create communal riots. Hope and pray the hot-heads are controlled by their elders.

  4. Nitin,

    I get your point.
    What I meant was provoking riots in India is not a recent phenomena, and unfortunately such provocations are successful.

    Therefore I think act of instigations (like this) should be viewed seperately from the organized jihadi terrorism.

    Ofcourse what I am saying is just speculation and it might be possible that perperators of this heinous act might have been actual terrorist (which means part of terrorist network and the acts was carried out using terrorist infrastructure)


  5. RS, I am not getting you right here. Has the Jama Masjid blast case been solved? I remember reading Shekhar Gupta tell Newsweek that “some Hindu fanatic groups bombed Jama Masjid”. Are you joining him?

  6. Gaurav, Bombing has not been a means to incite riots. The usual method is to mug up a few from the other camp. So local hands wanting to incite riots would simply beat up a few, so that even when caught, they are only charged under manslaughter. Bombing is a different league altogether.

  7. Nitin,

    There was a lot of movement in Maharashtra before the big strike on 7/11. One can look at it as a very smart terror strategy to divert attention before launching the big one. I can only see this attack within such a framework. Otherwise, it doesnt make much sense.

  8. I’m mad as hell. Civilian safety has *got* to become an election issue. Politicians currently *gain* from these attacks because we don’t hold them responsible for preventing them. The example of Malegaon’s Nihal Ahmed is stark. An objective scorecard of how many people died and were injured in terrorist activity is a good way to shine some light on this issue. If we hold them accountable on this score they will deliver – no question. They have the ability or they will develop it under pressure from us.

  9. I am no friend of Pakistan or the Jehadi element. Yet, I am compelled to assume that it could be anyone at this point, including, the BJP or Shiv Sena or RSS.

  10. Even if they were crude bombs and they were built by “non-professionals”, the bombings serve the same purpose, as that of the Islamic terrorists across the border, that of attempting to spark sectarian violence and so disrupt stability and the national equilibrium. A destabilized India is a lot easier to exploit and destroy.

    I still believe that to give carte blanche freedom to the terrorists itching to cross the border into Afghanistan to deliver their brothers pinned down and taking a severe thrashing from NATO forces, Musharraf needs an excuse to move his troops away from there and to another “legitimate” location, for so-called national security reasons. This is not prophetic, but an attempt to deduce the hideous – i.e. to get into the skin and circumstances of Musharraf, and to second guess his plans and action in light of the presssure the Taleban are under. A strong and stable Afghanistan is not in the best interest of the generals, the terrorists, and the ISI constituency and neither is a victory by NATO troops since it means their presence for many years to come, and great loss of income from drugs and the arms trade. He would dearly love to provoke a confrontation on the border with India so that he could leave the terrorist ridden Pashtun areas “up to their good behaviour” (an oxymoron, if you have ever seen one), and place his 70,000 odd troops on the eastern front.

    He is scrambling for a strategy to deal with the “Hello, General Musharraf …” calls from London, Washington, Ottawa, etc., as these are becoming more frequent and less polite. He has little remaining time in his self-declared date of departure and/or return of Pakistan to democracy and he is wondering which of India or NATO is the anvil and which is the hammer. Expect an escalation of the provocation, and it is always couched as passive terrorism from Pakistan, his and the ISI hands are ever lily white clean. In the meanwhile, he feigns conscientiousness, and demands: “Show me the evidence” and I will take action. He is Musharraf, so all evidence as expected, is dismissed as invalid. What else is new?

  11. Kaul, why not congress I and other apparent secular parties – I forget they are secular. It seems propaganda works well on you.

    Sriram, Newsweek retracted “the Hindu Fanatic terrorists” part of the story.

    Crude or sophisticated – blowing up temples didn’t help ignite the situation. Now, may be blowing up mosques will ignite the place. We know open minded people, like Kaul it seems, will buy into it. Open day for conspiracy theories and retributions.

  12. It is a condemnable thng which come in the circle. It seems the terrorist do not have their values and any rituality towards humanity. They just want to create disharmony among all communities so that they can target easily what they want to do. It is not the late for Police come and do the basic things from initial stage and encounter these bloody people who are the total enemies of our nation.


  13. I’d still put my bet on terrorists ‘inspired’ by Pakistan. My reasons are the fact that so many people died. Such explosives can only come from people with connections, unlike low forlones like the BJP\RSS kind, who have managed to not be anything to anyone.

  14. Chandra – I would pick BJP over Congress any day to lead India.
    However, I am an Indian first, and know that the suspicion, if it has to fall on a political party at all, should fall on the party, which has the most to gain.

    p.s. Sachin may have a point.

  15. Hi everyone,

    See when Govt. is so soft nothing can be done. We have gone through so much bruises all over India as well as in Kashmir on regular basis. From 1993 Mumbai, Varanasi, Delhi(diwali), Mumbai, Gujarat(they were the first to fire the coach)with so many people inside plus they locked the door of coaches from outside with ( i have no idea with what, but it is said by eyewitness),so no one can escape from it. Now how can we expect that people at other side will keep quite? . People at other side (Hindus) cannot take up this as many were burnt inside the coach. We(hindus) are also human with average emotions and reactions, in such situation anyone can go blind and do anything to anyone. It is uncontrollable situation for anyone who have seen their loved ones gone forever. As people knows very well Govt. is not going to do anything so they take their own action. Though it is not good but it is not in our hand. It is their reaction and only psycologist can help them. Though we don’t know who are they? We can just estimate the same situation happened in Gujarat. Tit for Tat

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