Read this if you want to fall off your chair laughing!

(Mother of all Sunday Levities)

Significantly, [Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Gen Musharraf have agreed] to put in place “an India-Pakistan anti-terrorism institutional mechanism to identify and implement counter-terrorism initiatives and investigations.” [IE]

17 thoughts on “Read this if you want to fall off your chair laughing!”

  1. I quote from the Indian Express:

    After a year of letting an obstreperous bureaucracy, self-doubt and unfortunate events dictate the dynamics of India’s most important external relationship, Singh today appears to have regained control over the negotiations with Pakistan.

    How could we forget the last time when (Nobel prize winning) economists at the infamous Long Term Capital Manaagement were in control of assessing and acting on poitical risks? The result was the de facto collapse of LTCM and the worst financal crisis to hit the U.S after the Great Depression.

  2. RF,

    This is typical Raja Mohan/IE spin of recent times. Create some internal bogeys and make them look bad in order to make Singh look good. (Recall how Raja Mohan and the Express made the nuclear scientists the bad guys in the nuclear deal).

    obstreperous bureaucracy – that’ll do wonders for India’s foreign policy establishment
    self-doubt – ahem. for who? The guy with self-doubt was the PM
    unfortunate events – what a wonderful way to get over the terrorist attacks on Mumbai, Malegaon, Varanasi, New Delhi not to speak of J&K. And we excoriate the ‘BBC’ and NYT for calling terrorists ‘terrorists’ or ‘gunmen’.

  3. Little over two months after 200 people carnage of Mumbai and within a week after the latest terror bombing, Manmohan shook hands with the General for 14 seconds – laughing and looking pleased.

    Current Indian foreign policy as gone the American way. The significance of Richard Boucher’s visit (after Mumbai attacks)few weeks ago is apparent now. The Indian establishment has bought into American establishment story about Pakistan – that General Mush and pak army are the good guys and are actually fighting the jihadis. The perpetrators and investigators are now one and the same. We are in for a big troubled future.

  4. Chandra,

    Yes. The strategy that the US is adopting is pragmatic from the American point of view. India toeing a similar line is foolish.

  5. Oh, I agree Nitin. Geographically or otherwise, good guys-bad guys in Pak works for US. Our situation is more akeen (and has been for more than a decade) to Afghan. Pretty soon the general will have deal for the Kashmiri jihadis – you are welcome to stay and what you want (ie maintain status quo) and, oh, no foreigners.

  6. Nitin, Retributions has frisked Rajamohan’s piece in his recent post and has unearthed some more gems. But what bothers me is the manner in which IE has become a bleeding heart these days. Any idea whats happening behind the screens? Because I remember IE to be the only decent newspaper until a year or so back.

  7. Sriram,

    IE is not as much as bleeding heart as a mouthpiece for Sonia led congress
    As WDE aptly puts it Shekhar Gupta is the head of Sonia bhajan Mandali.

    Apparently this is being done for the cause of secularism.


  8. nitin! what amazes me is not such great innovative announcements by these jokers, but they really manage to announce such brilliant ideas and statements without any sign of laughter on their face..
    they deserve our appreciation for that atleast:-)

  9. The response of the mechanism will be some more explosions.

    Then the terorists involved and the terrorised will look for the perpetrator.

    Why India’s stupidity doesn’t surprise anyone?

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