Indian forked-tongued Express

Whichever way the winds blow (or are made to blow)

Soon after the terrorist attacks on Mumbai trains in July, the Indian Express wrote that “India needs to look hard at the man who claims to embody Pakistan’s “quest” for reasonable solutions.(Musharraf) has failed to keep his word on ending cross-border terrorism. So India must ask itself whether he is any longer a credible interlocutor”. It pointed out that public support for the peace process is fast eroding and “even the government, which has revelled in a ‘do nothing policy’ towards Pakistan, will find the peace process unsustainable”. It concluded that “there may be nothing more important” than supporting the political parties opposed to Gen Musharraf. [See this post]

And now, it is all praise for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh “having salvaged the peace talks stalled after the Mumbai massacre, and agreeing to travel to Pakistan in the near future”. It calls for Dr Singh to retain control over the agenda and the process of dialogue, and, apart from “maintain(ing) pressure on Pervez Musharraf to keep his word on ending cross-border terrorism” also “turn up the heat on a feckless Indian bureaucracy to embark on purposeful negotiations”. That last recommendation comes right out of the Pakistani songbook.

The only concievable reason it has to justify its re-conversion to ‘let’s take Musharraf’s word for it’ creed is the laughable bilateral “joint institutional mechanism” to investigate terrorism.

It is unfortunate that a major national newspaper has made it a habit of disparaging Indian officials—nuclear scientists in the debate over the India-US nuclear deal, or feckless and obstreperous security officials vis-a-vis Pakistan—in order to present Manmohan Singh in a favourable light. (Manmohan Singh himself went to Kashmir and found it appropriate to lecture the Army on human rights!).

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  1. Nitin,

    This is one of the great historical capitulation by the Indian state. It is equivalent to the one made by the late Lal Bahadur Shastri at Tashkent. In Tashkent, we gave the lands conquered by the bravery and blood of Indian soldiers to the pakistanis in return of just assurances and promises. The pakistanis duly went back to their old games of bleeding India through a thousands cuts. Shastri perhaps knew what he had done. He never came back alive from Tashkent.

    Manmohan and his team have done a similar capitulation in Havana. What Indians have done is to accept the western agenda. In this western scheme, largely defined by the Americans, the client state of pakistan provides a suitable grip over a region and its geopolitics. We have duly accepted the western construct of – Pakistan as a victim of terror – and of FATWAT. These themes should be frankly bullshit to every thinking and aware Indian.

    The terror HQ, the ISI can now simply give the go ahead to terror outsourcing agencies like the lashkar and huji without any fear of reprisals. While the killers do the job on the ground, Indian diplomats along with there very kind pakistani counterparts would *debate* on the *evidence* over fine wine.

    Welcome to Bullshitters Paradise.

  2. Nitin , I am very sorry for hijacking a thread on your blog, once again. Do forgive me.

    Since we are lamenting the current Indian PM, I thought it relevant to bring this very tragic occurence to your attention.
    Last week, Javed Ahmed Dar aka, Bitta Karate ( please google his name) was ordered to be relased from Agra Jail.
    Bitta Karate, an ethnic Kashmrii (terrorist, imo) seperatist has, in the past, confessed to having lost count after murdering thirty five Kashmiri Pandits, who he claimed were mukhbirs (informers). Not only that , he is also responsible for raping dozens of Pandit girls, some of whom later committed suicide.
    For the Kashmiri Pandits, this is one of the saddest days of their wretched existence.
    Bharat Mata ki jai.

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