Weekday Squib: Locating Musharraf’s new book

Where The Acorn offers advice to bookstore managers.

Gen Musharraf’s book is climbing up the bestseller list, thanks to a book promotion tour funded by taxpayers (American ones, for few Pakistanis pay taxes).

It contains accounts of one high-ranking Pakistani general who concluded that 9/11 was an American conspiracy, another who believed that Pakistan actually won the Kargil war, and was ghostwritten by a person who insinuated on television that the July 7th 2005 bus bombings in London were a Jewish conspiracy.

Those who seek to set the record straight have begun to dispute claims Musharraf makes in his book. The Acorn has a simpler suggestion: bookstores should shelve it under FICTION/FANTASY.

8 thoughts on “Weekday Squib: Locating Musharraf’s new book”

  1. Nitin,

    As a serious fiction reader,I object to this.
    Methinks that a new category has to be invented.
    How is “Halucinations of tin pot dictators” for starters ?
    Later on works of Ahminwhatishisname and chavez can be added to this.


  2. Ha ha. True!

    Speaking of fantasy, one might get the guru of fantasy movies, Peter Jackson, to make it into a magnum opus called ‘Lord of the Fibs’!!

  3. Yikes: we’re dealing with a complete clown. This guy can cause some real harm with his charm offensive. Expectations of leaders of Pakistan are so low that the audience howled with laughter (relief?) when this idiot tried to be funny.

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