Mahatma Gandhi on Kim Jong Il

The North Korean regime communicates with the dead

On Wednesday, October 11th 2006, Mahatma Gandhi said:

“Bush is the worst fascist war criminal in humankind history but Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is the Leader of Peace and the Defender of the Earth.” [Songun Blog]

That’s what the Songun Blog (highly recommended by Retributions) says.

Dictators seem to love reinterpreting Indian historical facts and figures. Those who can find publishers write books. For others there is blogspot.

6 thoughts on “Mahatma Gandhi on Kim Jong Il”

  1. Please please please can we send Arundhati and her commie friends to the utopia that is North Korea? Our disgraceful land – Hindustan – is no place for these enlightened souls. No – they must seek fulfillment at the feet of the Dear Leader himself.

    If it’s a parody it’s brilliant. If not – this is evidence of non-earthlings.

  2. Copy pasting a comment 🙂

    Dear leader is so great and ingenious. All should seek to match his superior level of intellect and emulate his superb sense of style. What excellence can compare?

    I love our dear leader, and seek to one day marry him. I will serve his every wish and commit to perform every deed that his sacred mouth might speak. Please legalize same-sex marriage, great leader. I long for your sweet touch.

  3. SS,

    Well, if it is, then is by someone close to the US government. The kind of videos that guys posts is not really available to the common man.

    Second, please understand this: We are talking about North Korea here. Nothing should surprise us.

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