Weekday Squib: Can talk but can’t shop in Geneva

It’s tough being an LTTE negotiator, these days

The Sri Lankan government is to hold talks with the LTTE in Geneva. But LTTE delegates who thought that they could use the terror-financed junket for a shopping spree should be disappointed.

The government also voiced that there will be restrictions on the LTTE during their stay in Geneva. The Defense Spokesman Minister Rambukwella said: “The talks are not to appease the LTTE… And this time there are strict measures – even shopping is banned.” [AT]

But how will the Sri Lankan government implement this ban? It’s unlikely that the Sri Lankan government has any influence with Swiss retailers. Perhaps it will be left to customs officials in Colombo to confiscate the goods from LTTE delegates’ luggage.

2 thoughts on “Weekday Squib: Can talk but can’t shop in Geneva”

  1. I dont get it. Doesn’t the LTTE primarily raise money by running an extortion racket directed at expat Tamils (Indian and Sri Lankan) in the west? I would imagine that most of that money stays outside SL.

    Government bureaucrats are idiots

  2. well u never know what would be on the LTTE’s shopping list?? I suppose, AK 47’s, F 16’s etc. The Sri Lankan gov is wise in not permitting them to shop

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