Terrorists arrested in Mysore

Look where they are cropping up?

Mohammed Fayeed and Ali Hussain, suspected to be Pakistani nationals, have been arrested. In Mysore.

The two were riding a Hero Puch and when the police signalled them to stop, they opened fire from AK-47 rifles. The police returned fire and nabbed them after a chase. [The Hindu]

(Mysore Police Commissioner Pravin) Sood said a satellite phone, which they were using to communicate with Pakistan and Kashmir, was also seized, besides some documents from them. [IE]

He said information found in a laptop seized from the men indicated that they were members of Pakistan-based separatist group al-Badr. [‘BBC’]

It should be pretty obvious why Mysore-Bangalore are being targeted.

9 thoughts on “Terrorists arrested in Mysore”

  1. Ashwin,

    Maybe that’s what gave them away…the ISI may not have updated their “blend into the crowd” manual for spies. 🙂

  2. Hi Nitin

    You will soon hear this

    “Innocent tourists, from across the border, who have essentially come to appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Mysore being unfairly targetted to distract attention of the gullible public from the drunken brawl incident involving CM’s son.These type of stage-managed police encounters threaten to destroy the secular fabric of Karnataka which is already under systematic assualt from Sangh Parivar forces”

  3. One of the terrorists arrested has Kerala links. He lived there for some time. There is threat to the PM’s and the President’s life on their next visit to Kerala. CPIM) won the Muslim League strongholds with help of extremist Muslim organisations. Sunday Indian Express had an article long back on how the Gujarat riots has radicalised the Muslim youth of Kerala. No wonder the next terror paradise is Kerala. Welcome to God’s own hell!

  4. Just want to tell you all, My brother is not terrorist. He just want to join his family in India. He just completed his education. Our father’s family is living in India we are alone in pakistan. On my father’s wish he went there to marry to close our relations. Mysore Govt arrested him from his place 20 days before. Afterwards they say there was a gun battle with him you can see the statement of land lady in hindu news paper Dt: Oct 26, 2006 she clearly told in civilian dress police came to their home and arrested fahad. Only becoz he is pakistani and muslim they are calling him terrorist. If anyone of you want to know anything about him can contact me. For god sake don’t blame him as terrorist he is my younger brother i know him better then anyone.

  5. Oh yeah Shoaib
    – edited –
    GO tell your lies to someone who actually would want to believe it. How about Pervez “lies like a gas meter” Musharraf?

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