Comrades Love Saddam

Personal (or party) opinion is a bad basis for foreign policy

So Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death. Thanks to the times he lives in he got a trial first. Defeated heads of state lose their heads, historically speaking. It is reasonable to argue that the legal process that resulted in his being handed the death sentence is not credible. But it is wholly unreasonable to demand that the Indian government attempt to get it nullified. And this is exactly what Prakash Karat, general secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) is doing.

“This is an outrageous decision, a rigged verdict from a trial that was a farce. We want the UPA Government to categorically condemn this verdict and use all avenues possible to get it nullified,” Mr. Karat said at a news conference here.[The Hindu]

3 thoughts on “Comrades Love Saddam”

  1. Who else can we expect to support a mass murdering dictator? Imagine what the Indian official policy would be if Natwar were still in charge!

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