Look ma, no reservations!

Just why don’t politicians start imposing quotas on their official bodyguards?

Finding missing Muslims is the current fashion. Going with the zeitgeist, Outlook magazine has found some as well—in the intelligence agencies and in the elite units assigned to protect politicians (the so-called ‘VVIPs’). When it comes to protecting their own lives it turns out that no politician, not even such ‘champions’ of social justice as Mulayam Singh Yadav or Mayawati, has called for quotas for minorities.

Points out an official: “When it comes to VVIP security, we cannot take any chances, especially since the country has lost two of its prime ministers to brutal killings. Proximate security is the last defence, and if that is weak, how can we ensure safety of the person we’ve to protect?”

As far as Sikhs go, Indira Gandhi’s killing and militancy in Punjab put an end to them being recruited as securitymen. Much has changed since then but the community continues to be on the blacklist. Notes a senior official in the security set-up: “It has become an established thing. To change it, someone will have stick his neck out. And if something goes wrong he will have to answer for it. Nobody is willing to take any chances.” [Outlook]

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Update: Something similar is happening in Britain.

5 thoughts on “Look ma, no reservations!”

  1. I thought that this unofficial ‘ban’ on muslims has been in existence since Sardar Patel was the Home Minister.

  2. The subheading of that article is stunning. Secular media obssesed with religion – now that’s new!

    I think it is a shame that Muslims and Sikhs (and everyone else) aren’t taken. The agenices should be open to all competent people with clean background.

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