They punched too hard!

Where we amuse ourselves with a Pakistani interpretation of the Kargil war

Ghayoor Ahmed is a former Pakistani diplomat. Of the delusional sort. He blames Nawaz Sharif for losing “at the negotiation table what the Mujahideen and the NLI forces had gained at the battlefield. The voluntary withdrawal of these forces from Kargil took pressure off the Indian army”. But this bit takes the cake:

Unfortunately, while withdrawing from Kargil the Mujahideen and the personnel of the Northern Light Infantry (NLI) suffered heavy casualties as a result of the excessive and indiscriminate use of force by the Indians against them. [Dawn]

1 thought on “They punched too hard!”

  1. Nitin: This guy is amusing in an L. Ron Hubbard kind of way. But he’s now alone. In a nation-state with massive centrifugal forces, the rhetoric gets shriller, as the fantasy becomes more elaborate. And they force-feed their hapless population this garbage. Reality is just collateral damage. No wonder so many Pakistanis are disoriented trying to reconcile their pitiable economic and civic state with their supposed superiority in all things cultural and military.

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