What’s that they say about justice delayed?

Life under trial

In December 1988 a troop of junior division air wing NCC cadets camping in Salem, Tamil Nadu, were horrified to hear that a cricketing hero had been arrested for murder, well, ‘culpable homicide not amounting to murder’ as it turned out. (That was also the week MGR died).

At least one of them is horrified to hear that the same cricketing hero, now a TV celebrity and (therefore) a member of parliament, has only now been convicted of the offence. By the High Court of Punjab and Haryana.

Almost two decades later. And there is still the Supreme Court to go.

6 thoughts on “What’s that they say about justice delayed?”

  1. “now a TV celebrity and(therefore)a member of parliament”
    I do’nt know what you want to say.I was never a fan of Sidhu , and i hate all politicians,but he is not the first Indian politician convicted of any offence.Criminalisation of politics is a global phenomenon.India is a democracy and we have our share of criminal politicians


  2. and see how confident he is…ah these politicians!
    Sidhu said he was “not bothered about the quantum of punishment and other technicalities” since he would be moving the Supreme Court. “I am more concerned about morality and ethics,” said Sidhu, who was in Parliament when the High Court order came.

  3. Sidhu is your quintessential sardarji who tried settling a parking dispute the way any self-respecting sardarji would. His mistake was that he did not know that the other party had heart ailments.

    Not that I condone his behavior, but it was not like he was a habitual criminal or offender or anything like that. He should be made to pay a hefty, pauperizing penalty to the kin of the deceased. That will do justice both to the convict and the victim rather than sending him to jail.

    KPS Gill too got into a scrape with a lady IAS officer when he greeted her with a pat on the wrong side of her back. The court convicted him, but I am sure Gill was only showing a little Sardarji affection for the lady.

    Punjab IS a little lawless, a fact easily explained by the sharing of border with Pakistan. Different values apply there. Again, I don’t mean to condone these values but only to suggest that people are under their influence.

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