Still indulging terrorists

Offering peace talks soon after ULFA’s terror “surge” is appalling.

ULFA terrorists are on a murderous spree. After they had gunned down over 50 people, the junior minister for home affairs arrives on the scene. And offers peace talks!

Hours after Minister of State for Home Sriprakash Jaiswal offered fresh peace talks, the ULFA gunned down struck again and wounded four in Mahmora area in Sivasagar district. [HT]

The UPA government must come clean. What made it offer peace talks at this time? Shouldn’t the government be signaling its determination to punish ULFA for perpetrating such violence after shunning negotiations?

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  1. the UPA government is the most inactive government we have had in years. they dont have the guts to act, and im wondering where is the home minister? He doesnt seem to be present anywhere in the news. Wat exactly is his role Im not sure. This government is almost non existent.

    i guess the government does not want to launch an offensive at a time when state elections are round the corner :). and Launching an offensive is akin to nationalism which is the rights domain, so the UPA will let terrorists flourish in india 🙂

  2. Rather than a political head, Manmohan Singh seems to be mere a bureaucratic head. As Acorn published in its earlier posts, counter insurgency approach must be a mix of political and military initiatives and decisions but the present government has little capability to initiate some bold steps. If we believe the recent survey that people of assam have very less to support the ideals of ULFA it must tbe fairly clear that the terrorists have little support of the local people, and in these circumstnces ULFA should be seen as mere a terrosrist outfit with little genuinity in its support base. Why would then government instead of targetting it with an iron hand, is asking them across the tables. In case of j&K goverment is clear that all killings and terrorist acts should be shunned before it went ahead for talks but the same is not in the Assam approach. Like the carrot and stick policy towards the naxalites government might be cought on the wrong foot if it extends some kind of credibility to ULFA leadership.
    Killing innocent people in no way justifies any cause, how so ever big it is. Government must come clean on this aspect that those acting out of the laws of nation must be given a thunderous iron hand on the face. Time is for the govemnet to take some bold political decisions rather than a soft bureaucratic approach of senile talks with no end and no clear puprpose.
    Issues involved here are 1) internal security- people raising arms against fellow citizens and government. 2) cross border terrorism- clear support of bangladeshi outfits to ULFA. 3) Border dispute- where ULFA terrorist sneak out of India into Bngladesh. 4) socio-economic issues- non assamese, poor people being targetted.
    It is really unfortunate that goverment of India has not been able to find a credible long lasting solution to these problems in an entirity. A peace-meal approach will sure to get us nowhere.

  3. Nitin,

    Ever heard of mule.
    This country has too many mules, too few patriots.

    “Har shaakh pe ullu baithen hain, anjaam-e-gulistaan kya hoga”

  4. I still wonder how this nation is surviving despite such a coward and selfish leadership.Naxalite problem,terrorist attacks ,utter failure on nepal issue ,lost of opportunity in baluchistan,encirclement by china of our borders,supporters of chinese leadership-cpi(m) controlling the govt……….when this govt. will take a single concrete step????????

  5. Does anyone know if ULFA has used this style of execution in the past ? I cannot recall this type of selection-execution.

    This style was used widely by terrorists in Kashmir. The psychological effects of this style is immense. You can achieve large scale ethnic cleansing with this method. I wonder if ULFA has used the interim lull as well as political laxity of the Congress to build links with Al Queda and/or LET.

  6. realitycheck

    I wonder if ULFA has used the interim lull as well as political laxity of the Congress to build links with Al Queda and/or LET.

    ULFA has had links with ISI since the early 1980s at least. No surprises here.

  7. Jaiswal is the Congress’s henchman.he is despatched,promptly, to any area where a trouble is brewing.Rembeber,his visit to Vadodra during municipal demolitions drive or his recent visit to Nithari and now to Assam.His job is to throw the investigation on the wrong track and as for Shiv raj ‘blubbering’ Patil he is more interested to look suvave than doing work.

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